View Full Version : Lower back pain

Kevin Roddy
05-02-2004, 10:28 AM
Recently, I've been getting pains in my lower back, on the right side. At first I thought it was a kidney stone, but after reading up on it, I think it's something more to do with my lower back/oblique muscle.. problem is, I don't know what. Maybe I strained it.

Any thoughts/diagnoses/remedies/etc?

Jon Pappas
05-02-2004, 02:35 PM
Yesterday I experienced the same exact thing, on the right side. It happened some after the 21-15-9 HSPU and 225 Deadlift workout. I think I just went too hard at it. A few days of rest and I'm hoping it goes away.

Matt Toupalik
05-02-2004, 02:50 PM
Kevin-Do you sit a lot?I have been told by several people whom I consider very knowledgeable in physical training that folks who sit a lot can quickly develop tight hip and hamstrings from the muscle's shortened position caused from sitting all day.From what I understand, if such a person does not address this inflexiblity, it makes it easy to pull or strain the low back muscles.

I sit quite often and have had my share of low back problems, but I have found that including a bit of posterior chain(hamstrings, hips, low back, glutes) work in my daily warm-up and a fair amount of stretches which emphasize the posterior chain, I can stay injury free.

I often include reverse hypers and glute/ham raises in my warm-up routine and I have noticed a significant difference in how my lower back responds to the workouts.Hamstring stretches and hanging from a pull-up bar to help decompress the spine are usually two activities I include in my cooldown.For relieving low back pain, applying ice to the area for 10 minutes or so has also helped.

I'm no doctor, so take what I say at your own discretion, but these are the things that have helped me.I hope your situation improves quickly.

Kevin Roddy
05-04-2004, 02:42 PM
Matt - Actually, I do do a lot of sitting, so I'll give what you said a try. Thanks! ;D