View Full Version : Shoulder Injury

04-21-2004, 08:38 AM
Hiya, I have a question for ya about working out with a shoulder injury. It is an old injury from doing the wrong things for too long and dislocating it whilst playing football. It limits me on virtually all presses but not at all on pulls. The main pain is from the lower part of the exercise, such as bench presses with a full ROM and military presses all the way to the chest when I start using a weight that is challenging. I make sure to use perfect form, but it still gets me. I did handstand pushups the other day and did not have a problem, heh, no problem with the shoulder at least. I am going to do the WOD with the push jerk in it today and think I could probably get the weight up with no problem but on the way down it could cause problems. I was thinking about substituting standing presses and just not use a full ROM. Any ideas or thoughts?