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Scott Parker
11-14-2003, 01:05 PM
so a little over two weeks ago, during a study break i decided to do some one-arm dumbell swings in my apartment, and upon completion i felt this nasty pain in my back and couldn't breathe. for the next two days it was really bad, and i couldn't even go to work.

yesterday i went to the doctor and had some x-rays taken. i was told that i probably didn't slip a disc (but that you can't really tell on x-rays), but i in fact have a rotated a facet, which means that i twisted one of my vertebrae in my lower back, and piched a nerve as a result. the doc put me on 800mg of ibuprophen every 8 hours for the next three days the see if the inflammation goes down. she also told me to do everything i normally do including going to the gym (she was a little scared when i told her about crossfit!) and working as an EMT. if it persists than they will probably do an MRI. i was also told that sometimes they can manipulate the facet back in place.

i guessing there are a few reasons why this happened. one is i have not been going to the gym on a regular basis because of school. i probably went too heavy not taking into consideration the time off, and it happened when i was doing a one armed swing with my left arm, which is my weaker side. maybe my muscles and everything else in my right lower back were compensating for this and just couldn't handle it? also, i did not warm up, which was just plain stupid!

anyone out there have any experience with this type of injury? any suggestions of exercises or movements that may help it?

any input or suggestions are welcome and definately appreciated!



Mark Tritenbach
11-21-2003, 11:22 PM
I did a similar thing to my back. It was stupid I was jsut bending over to pick up something (while wearing a tight belt) and there went the back. xray's , mri's and a month off work later I did pretty much the same thing. Pinched nerve and pulled tendons so far - no disc slippage. But at least for me the only thing that really helped was a muscle relaxer -Soma. injury side weakness means a longer recovery but thats better than contemplating surgery