View Full Version : Need advice for brother's gruesome injury.

06-30-2003, 12:55 PM
This is pretty ugly but here goes. My brother was involved in a bad vehicle accident and is in the icu. He's very lucky to be alive. I need good information quickly; I'm the one making this decision because he is not conscious. I figured a phyician who has worked with elite athletes and is willing to do the unusual is required. I need the best. I don't care where we need to go or what it will cost. I'll do whatever it takes.

He sustained a rare injury where the ligaments attaching the skull to the vertabrae have been damaged. usually this is not something that's treated because usually you're dead. The neurosurgeons we have consulted want to fuse his skull to his spine to prevent an unstable skull. This will leave him with substantially reduced neck mobility. There must be another option. He's a tough, fit, active guy and I don't want him to lose being able to do the sports he loves. So, if you have good information about an orthopaedic surgeon or other specialist, please post in a hurry. Please do not post guesses or extraneous information; I don't have time to chase down too many false leads. Thanks.