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Nutrition Diet, supplements, weightloss, health & longevity

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Old 06-15-2009, 07:04 PM   #1
Erik Hustad
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Does anyone else feel like me?

I've been overweight since I was 5 years old, I'm 26 and I have finally gotten to a point where I am taking control of my life. I started crossfit workouts about 2 weeks ago and zoning about a week ago.

The first few days of zoning were really weird, sometimes I couldn't tell if I was hungry, full, or just in with-drawl from sugar. I know I have a bit of an eating disorder and this has taken me a long time to be able to admit because for one, it's shameful, but in this country it's also normal. What I mean by disorder is how sometimes when I eat and I'm done, I open the fridge and think "What else do I want" even though I'm not hungry. When I started the zone, it was like I needed some CRACK. Then, there were a couple of days where I just didn't even eat my last 3 or 4 blocks because I just didn't feel hungry. I didn't let myself put one ounce of cheat food in my mouth for a couple days and I could deal with that... for awhile, but then when I had a cheat meal, the next day I felt like I had lost my discipline.

I'm just in need of some real life examples, tips, encouragement. I've lost about 30 pounds doing the "Old" routine in the gym, hit a plateau and when I started crossfitting, the weight started dropping again. Does anyone else struggle with hunger as cravings more than actual true hunger? How do you plan on eating the zone diet for the rest of your life? It just doesn't seem like a feasible diet with all the activities going on in life. Does eyeballing portions and having a cheat day once or twice a week work, or will I always feel like I'm still "Addicted" to sugar?

Sorry that's a lot, but I've been fighting this since elementary school and I'm tired of it.

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Old 06-15-2009, 07:30 PM   #2
John S Park
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Re: Does anyone else feel like me?

Hey Erik.

Drastic changes are always hard at first so try to ease into it and make it a lifestyle change. You need to learn to eat and experiment with a lot of veggies and healthy foods to know what you like and what can be sustainable for you. At first, it might feel like you are depriving yourself of a lot of different kinds of food but you'll enter a whole new world of great wholesome foods from the different meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, oils.

Do you know about paleo choices or are you just doing zone? Changing the quality of your food first and eating more filling food might help curb those cravings . Everyone falls off the wagon but you just get back up and get stronger.

The longer you do this and turn it into a lifestyle, the easier it gets. You need to learn to love real food and upgrade your cooking skills to make what otherwise might be bland food into decadent and delicious snacks or meals.

Taking your time and reading a lot of articles on nutrition will also help support and reinforce a new way of eating. Learning why trans fats and all those additives in many food products are dangerous to your health is definitely an incentive to help you eat more healthy. A lot of people find that eating junk food or cheat meals will make them feel sick after being adjusted to a better diet.

Put your health first and take care of yourself for performance and longevity. All over the internet, there are paleo approved recipes for cheat meal type food if you are really craving something.

For example: I made the coconut custard and paleo brownies from (WFS) and they were very tasty. A lot of people can't live without bacon and add that to their meals or on their veggies.

Like you, weighing and measuring everyday and zoning with blocks is unsustainable for the long run. I like to enjoy my food and not have to worry about eating one less egg or adding 1 oz more veggies blah blah.. Enjoy your food, enjoy life, enjoy your training. Just keep practicing and become disciplined for health and performance. It's okay to eat junk food once in a while in my opinion, but only rarely or on special occasions.

Sorry for the long post, good luck.
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Old 06-15-2009, 07:34 PM   #3
Nathan Warren
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Re: Does anyone else feel like me?

Originally Posted by Erik Hustad View Post
Does anyone else struggle with hunger as cravings more than actual true hunger? How do you plan on eating the zone diet for the rest of your life? It just doesn't seem like a feasible diet with all the activities going on in life. Does eyeballing portions and having a cheat day once or twice a week work, or will I always feel like I'm still "Addicted" to sugar?
This is why I'm a much bigger fan of the Paleo diet. There's no counting, no measuring, no nothing, and its a bit easier to go out to restaurants and not feel like you ruined your week. Just don't eat packaged junk, grains, or dairy. I've never been in a situation that I wanted/needed to lose weight (in the last 3 or 4 years anyway), but if I was going to try, I think the Zone is the program I'd use. After you lose the weight you want, I'd consider/research going Paleo when you are content with your weight for a long term diet you can stick with more easily.
19/M/5'6"/158# - CFT: 770# "I have no limits." My Nutrition Blog WFS
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Old 06-16-2009, 02:05 AM   #4
Scott Ewan
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Re: Does anyone else feel like me?

Does anyone else feel like me? - Damn right they do!

Erik - you're certainly not alone.
I can't seem to give up the "crack" either. Like you I do great for a few days, then fall off the wagon with thump. For quite a long time on such occasions, I thought to myself: "Oh well, I've blown it now, might as well go for it big time!". Not a good plan.

But we're none of us perfect - we can't get it right all the time. Don't follow my example.
If you mess up, pick yourself up and start again. If you lose a day to old habits after 2 or 3 good ones, remember you've still had those good days. Don't think that you've lost your discipline or thrown away the good work. Don't beat yourself up over it either.
If - as they say - sugar really is addictive (and I honestly beleive it is), it's not going to be easy. Think how hard it is for alcoholics or drug addicts to break their habits. Why should kicking unhealthy eating be any easier. Take things one day at a time, and don't regard a single lapse in focus as a failure. It's a lapse, that's all.

Sounds like I'm heading the same way as you - trying to give up the 'crack' but not finding it easy.
I found this post on the Affiliate blog recently from CrossFitRVA (wfs). It may not be exactly along the lines you're looking for, but it's helped me. I've spent most of life involved in sports of some kind, and never really seen the improvements in perormance or body shape that I'd hoped for. This article maybe explains why that is.
I read it every now and again. It's helped me to keep a little more focussed.

Another post from the Affiliate Blog also has a similar effect (wfs)

I don't zone. I don't even really do much paleo. That would be too big for me right now.
Kick the junk food out first, that's my only goal.
Once that's out of the way, I'll move on another step.

Keep posting your progress to your thread as well.
It will help you - and all the others who feel like you.
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Old 06-16-2009, 03:20 AM   #5
Harley Jennings
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Re: Does anyone else feel like me?

Erik, first off man welcome to Crossfit and congrats on your first steps in your search for fitness...the first ones are always the hardest.

Do you know your Body Fat percentage and how tall/how much you weigh?

You are not alone. There was a time in my life where I would eat for no other reason than just to eat. There are ways to overcome the crack fix. Here are just a few tips that have worked for me man.

1) Sometimes it is mentally easier not to cheat, opposed to doing well for three days and cheating and then feeling crushed leading to a binge. If a single donut leads to a 8000 calorie splurge, it is better to skip the donut.

2) Clean up your food choices. This will make eating easier in general. Focus on whole, unprocessed foods. Center these choices around lean meats, green veggies, some fruit, nuts and seeds.

3) Start with obtainable goals. Make a pack with yourself to go sugar free/processed food free for 10 days. Take a picture of yourself before, compare it to your picture after 10 days. You are going to see a difference, and that just might be the motivation you need to fight these cravings. Once you have 10 days under your belt, go 15, 20,etc.

4) Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels.

5) Get friendly with all types of fruit. After ten days of no processed sugar, a honeydew melon will taste like candy! Watermelon is an excellent treat as well!

6) Keep the 3 D's to dieting on an index card printed next a before picture of yourself in your pocket. Every time you are feel like breaking down pull it out. Dedication, Determination, Discipline....its key!

7) Keep a journal or start a log here in the workout log section. Post all your thoughts, progress, and track your food intake at wfs. You'll find you have a huge support group here that is more than willing to give up their time to see you succeed.

This is just the tip of the iceberg man, the rest is all air and opportunity. Best of luck to you. Remember....Failure isn't fate, it's a choice.

M/27/5'10''/200lbs/13%BF BS 365#/ SP 205#/ DL 425#/ BP 345#/ PC 235#/ FS 265#/ CJ 225#/ THR 225#/ Liz 6:11/ Murph 39:00My Log
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Old 06-16-2009, 06:57 AM   #6
Brian Bedell
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Re: Does anyone else feel like me?

Not much to add to the above advice; especially making paleo food choices. That is the biggest help for me.

But yes, it's hard, if it was easy everyone would be ripped.
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Old 06-17-2009, 12:54 PM   #7
Erik Hustad
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Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: Seattle  WA
Posts: 7
Re: Does anyone else feel like me?

Thanks to everyone for their advice and thoughts, it's amazing how connected the internet and CROSSFIT can make people in such a worthy cause.

I am 6'1'' and 249 pounds, the zone website said I had about a 29% body fat. Still got a ways to go. January I weighed 278 pounds and I never checked my body fat because I didn't want to know. So progress is being made and I will take into account all that everyone has mentioned. Since crossfitting and zoning I seem to lose about .2 -.4 pounds every day. We'll see how it goes.
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Old 06-17-2009, 01:21 PM   #8
Arturo Garcia
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Re: Does anyone else feel like me?

I was once 260# at 5'10". I'm now 175 and have been this weight (or 180-185) for almost 3 years now. I'm 25 for another 3 months or so.

I have never tried the Zone and have not read the book, but it seems to me like something one cannot do forever. I just don't see myself weighing food, measuring or counting "blocks" or whatever. I have found out through personal experience that I do not need to count calories, do not need to weigh food, do not even need to keep a food log, in order to maintain weight. I just need to feed my body FOOD, and not crap.

Now, the definition of "food" varies a lot, even in this board. Everyone is different so there will be people who eat stuff I don't eat, and say they're eating good foods. I eat tons of veggies, meat (all kinds, fish, eggs too), nuts/seeds, and some fruit. That works wonders for me and it's easy to do.
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Old 06-17-2009, 01:25 PM   #9
Camille Lore
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Re: Does anyone else feel like me?

Erik- first of all, congratulations! You're doing something great for yourself. CF +the Zone is difficult, but not too bad. Give yourself credit for making these changes.
I've zoned off and on for maybe a year. It works, like crazy! But, I also don't beat myself up if I'm really hungry and eat more one day, or grab a few little candy bars from the candy basket at work. I also eat most of my carbs from fruit. I also eyeball everything now. A smidge over here and there (to me) isn't going to make a huge difference.
One thing I like about the zone is the amount of fruit and veggies I eat compared to the past. It's just healthier and a good way for me to force myself to do it. I hope I eat this way for a long time.

All I can say is that CrossFit+the Zone works like mad. Be in this for the long haul and enjoy the changes you're seeing, and feeling.
I intentionally eat bacteria.

For zoning related questions, please email me at Camille at
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