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Old 05-20-2012, 07:25 PM   #1
Brendan McNamar
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Barbells used @ Regionals

So Rouge is the equipment supplier and it seems virtually all the bars that look like the bars used in Regionals are 20 kg not 45 lbs.?

45 lbs = 45 lbs
20 kg = 44.092 lbs

If we are going to talk about world records it seems to me, we (meaning the CrossFit community as a whole) should be accurate.

Seeing as the majority of the world uses kg and some of us use lbs it seems to me if we are going to have "World Records" we should clear up this issue.

One of the easiest solution would be for Rouge to manufacture clips that weight .454 lbs each. Put the clips on a 20 kg bar and the bar and clips equal 45 lbs.

Same goes for converting a 15 kg bar into 35 lbs. You need clips that weight .966 lbs.

Not sure the weight of clips they are using I don't own any.
Nomadic CrossFit Coach
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Old 05-20-2012, 08:41 PM   #2
Chris Mason
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Re: Barbells used @ Regionals

Do you mean Rogue?

Do you have any idea what the clips on the bars weighed?
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Old 05-21-2012, 08:25 AM   #3
David Allen Rogers
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Re: Barbells used @ Regionals

I'm pretty sure they had Rogue HG collars on those bars. To my eyes, the Rogue HG collars are just Lock-Jaw Pro collars with Rogue branding. I just weighed my non-Pro Lock-Jaws and they are 13 ounces. Adding that to 44.092, I get 44.9 lbs. Seems close enough.

The Pro collars have an additional locking mechanism and probably weigh a little more so I'd guess that easily puts bar + collar weight at over 45 lbs.
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Old 05-30-2012, 05:28 AM   #4
Randy Tarasevich
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Re: Barbells used @ Regionals

I've had an issue with this for some time.
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Old 05-30-2012, 06:35 AM   #5
James Hanley
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Re: Barbells used @ Regionals

Was every WOD that was used at Regionals bestowed with a "world record" time by the fastest competitor?

Isn't every single competition going to end up having a ***** ton of WRs broken since by their very nature the workouts don't tend to repeat?

It seems a LITTLE bit outrageous if that's what's going on now (but if it's for big named WODs and whatnot, I can kinda see the logic)
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Old 05-30-2012, 07:38 AM   #6
Bryan Kemper
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Re: Barbells used @ Regionals

With regard to "World Records" in the Regional competition, what is a better term to describe these performances? I agree that the term is becoming a bit trite with overuse, but now that there is a common performance standard for the Regional and Open competitions that people throughout the world are doing, how should these performance be described?

Remember that in not too distant past the Regional event was an open entry event with differing events across each competition in 2009, as well as sectionals and regionals in 2010. There were discussions that certain competitions were lacking in programming or were harder than others, so it was not a level playing field. Problem solved with the standardized regionals and open competition.

With 17 regionals spread across the globe, regionals will have to be spread out over multiple dates to simplify logistics and organization. I can only imagine that by the time that regional week 5 came around, many bugs had been worked out.

Now comes the media aspect of everything. Since today's society is used to having information and updates on a real time basis, the crossfit community wants/expects/demands nothing less. I believe that the Crossfit Media team has done a tremendous job in presenting a great Crossfit competitive season from before the Open events started throughout the entire Regionals. Daily updates, highlight videos of practically every workout from each region across the globe to a combination streaming and ESPN3 broadcast of the Central East Regional. In addition, the commentators are people that know intimately know Crossfit and are excited about what they are doing. What would be the reaction if we had a commentator like Curt Gowdy that had no clue or had never been involved with Crossfit?

So, with all of that background, back to my initial question.....what is a better descriptor than "World Record"?
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Old 05-30-2012, 07:57 AM   #7
Matt Haxmeier
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Re: Barbells used @ Regionals

Competition Best.
Regional Record.
Time to Beat.
Benchmark Performance.

etc. etc. but "World Record" is terrible.

I wonder if the winner of each of the events at the games will be setting a "World Record" as well.
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Old 06-05-2012, 10:15 AM   #8
Matthew Swartz
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Re: Barbells used @ Regionals

I find it hilarious that they call it a world record, as if it is recognized by anyone outside of crossfit. "I am the best in the world at this workout this one dude made up that only a handful of people tried."

Quite the distinguished honor.
"If your goal is to get stronger, stop counting and start eating, as you are wasting valuable time that could be put into food prep or the consuming of calories."
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Old 06-05-2012, 12:02 PM   #9
Christopher G. Woods
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Re: Barbells used @ Regionals

No other organized sports league refers to their records as "world records". In football, they usually say "NFL record"; baseball typically refers to "Major League records"; in basketball, it's a "NBA record". CrossFit should adopt something similar. We could call it a "CrossFit record"; although, I don't really like the way that roles off the tongue, and it still implies that it's something that will continue to be tested. Personally, since most of these events are unlikely to ever be repeated at future competitions, I think they should just refer to them as "records" or "best time/performances". Keep it simple, since it's only relevant within the confines of a given season.
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Old 06-05-2012, 04:07 PM   #10
Lincoln Brigham
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Re: Barbells used @ Regionals

45 lb. bars and 20 kg. bars are essentially the same thing. Don't over think this; the weight and dimensions of these bars is not as accurate as you seem to think. Heck, even my Eleiko training bar that cost $700 really only weighs 19kg! Weigh your own bars and see for yourself.

A 45 lb. bar is basically a relabeled 20kg bar. It's not like they shave weight off for the non-U.S. market; they just change the label. Heck, most of Rogue's 20kg "metric" bars use one and one-eighth inch steel instead of 28mm steel. Why? Because that's how steel rods are sold in the U.S.; they don't come in 28mm blanks. That extra 0.5 mm difference is not worth machining off, at least not for a cheaper bar. So companies like Rogue buy 1 1/8th steel rods (28.5mm) and that's close enough to the world-standard 28mm spec for most folks.

If you really want to get anal about WORLD records you go metric. Then you get one of any number of certified barbell sets. Be prepared to spend north of $800 per bar.
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