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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 03-04-2005, 06:54 PM   #1
robert brooks
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grettings crossfit...i am not new i have been doing crossfit for the last few months and finally decided to introduce my self..i am 45 years old weigh around 300 lbs( i am also a recovering alcoholic who has been sober over a year right now) and in the air force as a cop..i have been deployed on and off for the last three years going to iceland,paraguay,turkey,vegas,key west,and the grandaddy of them all kuwait when the war kicked of the reasons i decided to introduce myself, i was checking the posts for todays wod and saw that mattg was getting hammered..i found that to be very distrubing since i have followed his times and he has become a inspiration to me.
i have seen vast improvment in my overall fitness and that is due to the crossfit people who inspire me everyday to get up and work..sorry this is so long but i have a few questions
1.anyway to improve my pullups..i use a weight assited machine..a gravitron i belive but i do want to be able to do a regular pullup weight..i have dropped over 15lbs since doing this program and i do watch what i eat..i work midnights so any tips would be grateful

ok i am sure that i will have more questions and i look forward to any and all help that this community can give me

again my thanks crossfit for turning my life around
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Old 03-04-2005, 08:33 PM   #2
Eric Moffit
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wow, Robert, im happy youve found Crossfit. its simply the best. welcome, welcome, welcome.

as for the pullups, i know there are quite a few discussions if you use the search function. tons of great advice. and i can still remember myself almost three years ago happy with 3x3 pullups in a workout. now 100 or more isnt uncommon or too too difficult. stick with it for the long haul...theyll come in time.

also, pretty much everyone here is hot on the Zone, so thats most likely to be the advice you get on diet...and its good advice. again research the discussion boards...the Search function is your friend. ive just started the Zone myself and even though its a bit of a challenge, ive already noticed it becoming a habit well worth the innumerable benefits (weight loss, increased focus, less recovery time, better performance, decreased chance of heart disease, cancer, and many other diseases, etc etc etc).

above all, show fortitude...itll get you through just about everything or at least push you beyond what you thought possible. thats what Crossfit's all about.
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Old 03-05-2005, 11:57 AM   #3
Michael Keller
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Welcome aboard, Robert! And congratulations on your sobriety. I have several friends at my church in the Celebrate Recovery program and know what a challenge that can be for them. You are to be commended for that, and thank you for your service to our great nation.
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Old 03-07-2005, 06:06 AM   #4
Donald Woodson
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Welcome Robert! You're in the right place, and on the right track for a much better life.
Now if you can cut the alchohol, you shouldn't have any trouble cutting the carbs. A lot of us here have just about totally eliminated starches (breads, rice, corn, potatoes, pancakes, soda pop etc.), and subsist on lean meats, and fresh or frozen veggies, and some fruits.
How's the food at the chow halls these days?
When I was in, from what I remember, it was all starchy crap. Tuna cassarole, SOS, ham and beans, etc.

I wouldn't worry too much about Matt G. Sounds to me like he can take care of himself. Although he's probably ****ed enough right now to do todays WOD in about three minutes, then do it a couple more times for good measure. I get my best workouts when I'm ****ed. :happy:
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