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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 01-15-2006, 02:31 PM   #1
Jared Waltz
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Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Sundance  WY
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During fixed time workouts such as Cindy, what is the consensus on looking at the timer?

If you're wondering how much time if left do you sneak a peek at the timer and then potentially either (a) push harder because there's a small bit of time left or (b) get bummed out because you're trashed and there's still a lot of time left ... ;)

Or ignore the timer and push as hard as you can until it beeps?
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Old 01-15-2006, 03:16 PM   #2
Skip Chase
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Join Date: Aug 2005
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Training, particularly elite fitness training or aspiring to a level of elite fitness training is a mental drive. We must learn to control our 'self-talk'.
To me, the timer is a non-entity. I focus on performance. The body is capable of performing far more than the mind can imagine. However, self-talk is what controls each individuals level of performance.

You are 'trashed' only when your self-talk gives in to being trashed.

An example is, perform Cindy by yourself. Then perform Cindy with someone who has a similar level of fitness. You will probably perform more rounds because of the competition. Why? Attitude. Self-talk. Your mental focus is not on the clock, nor on being trashed...the mental focus is directed toward keeping up with or performing more rounds than your partner.

I ignore the time and enter a 'zone' of performance.

I must say, it has taken years to develop the psychological conditioning to control self-talk. As soon as you have a negative self-talk, you must recognize it immediately and eliminate and turn it into a positive self-talk. Self-talk controls everything we do.
For me, the ultimate control of self-talk was attempting to perform sit-ups for 24 hours. I knew that I could not have the thought, at any time during the 24 hour period, "I am getting tired" nor "I am too sore to go on". Therefor, I did not allow any negative self-talk.

We must have thoughts of, "I can go faster", "I can do more" "I must breath deeper", "I am getting stronger" "I am setting the example for others to follow".

What timer?
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Old 01-15-2006, 03:23 PM   #3
Skip Chase
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Join Date: Aug 2005
Location: Mount Vernon  WA
Posts: 1,324
By the way, after the timer beeps, then you can say, "I AM TRASHED!!!!" and be proud of your performance and the effort you put into it.
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Old 01-15-2006, 03:39 PM   #4
David Wood
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Join Date: Oct 2002
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Uh, I look at the timer constantly, in supplication for the end . . .

Just kidding (mostly).

As much as I can admire Skip's self-control, my own practice is to check it about every 2 or 3 rounds. It doesn't seem to make much difference to my performance . . . I'm going as hard as I can, regardless. If I'm on track to a PR I'll probably check it more, and use it as spur.

I've never experienced "letdown" from not having an exemplary performance . . . some days aren't particularly good, but I generally know that without looking at the clock.

I do agree with Skip that having another CrossFitter in the room (watching) generally produces a better performance.
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Old 01-16-2006, 10:23 AM   #5
Kenneth Urakawa
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Join Date: Apr 2005
Location: Chandler  AZ
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I'll go with David--a lot of times the timer will spur me to push just a little bit harder to make up time, or to try to finish 1 more round, etc.
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Old 01-16-2006, 03:38 PM   #6
Dennis Yiatras
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Join Date: Jan 1970
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I always look at my watch for the 400m, 800m, or any run for that matter. Yesterdays wod I had the best 1st rd 400m since startin cf..
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