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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 02-04-2005, 08:14 PM   #1
Joel Seymour
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Hello all:
Well, after six years of abbreviated training in my basement, it was time for me and my wife to up and move to the West Coast. In searching for a gym, as I now reside in an apartment, I came across CrossFit North in Seattle. Checking out their page led me here, and I have a few questions.

My background is in powerlifting and strongman training. I work with kettlebells, thick bars, grippers, Farmer Walk bars and a variety of sandbags, medicine balls and dragging sleds in addition to the "classic" movements (squat, OHP, DL). I've also done Density Training. I have about 22 years experience with weights and about the same with general fitness.

My question is if I wanted to design my own WOD to address specific areas, how could I go about it? Should there be one strength, one strength endurance and one endurance excercise? Are there any specific back issues that I could order?

Thanks for all your help, and looking forward to some great workouts.

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Old 02-04-2005, 08:46 PM   #2
Butch White
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Welcome Joel... I'm sure you'll get some responses from more experienced CF'ers, but "one strength, one strength endurance and one endurance excercise" appears too routine for CrossFit purposes. I used to get a bit bothered by WOD's like todays, which consisted of only front squats. Then I got "freed-up" and just went with the "methodical randomness" and am now in my best shape ever (after only about 3 months of following the CF modality). I do other exercises to warm-up and cool-down, but my own daily routine is built around the WOD.

After getting a few issues of MILO (at the suggestion of other CF'ers), I'm starting to work with grippers. I can barely close a #1 and can't imagine what a #2 or #3 must be like. I plan to modify an old wheel-barrow for sled work.

You'll find plenty of comraderie, knowledge and encouragement here at the CF site and I'm sure even more at the CF North facility. is worth the visit every time you log on.
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Old 02-04-2005, 10:04 PM   #3
Pat Janes
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Hey Joel,

The Feb 2003 CrossFit Journal describes a theoretical template upon which a series of WODs could be developed. It is a very interesting read, particularly if you have had a lot of experience with the WOD as posted on the CF site's home page.

For the development of a WOD, anywhere near as effective as is CrossFit's, it is far more complicated than following this template. There is a balance of randomness, periodisation and "magic" that borders more on art sometimes than science (I'm wearing Larry's CF cheerleading outfit).

If you're interested, there has been another recent thread discussing the virtues of creating your own WOD:

My own advice, is to give the WOD as written a go, and supplement with additional training as you see fit. Many others, myself included, do this and it works wonders.

Once you are able to cope with the intensity of the WOD as written (and it takes a while for most people), there is plenty of room for extra grip, sandbag, strongman etc work. In fact, many people have had success by following the WOD, using sandbags as their sole lifting implements.

Have a look around the forum archives and you'll find plenty more ideas like this...

... oh, and welcome!
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