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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Ken Jackson
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Recovery time for ruptured bicep tendon/decompression/anterior torn labrum

Quick history, I had a slap repair, biceps tenodesis, torn RC, and decompression in the right shoulder two years ago, 6 total anchors. I know that took quite a long time to get back to 100%. The bar didn't come back into play for 5-6 months. So, I have been having problems with the LEFT shoulder for a while now. Pushing weight overhead was not troublesome, but the coming back down to the shoulder part is where it hurt the most. The pain really started during a thruster/t2b workout on 2/16/14. Also just driving a vehicle with the left hand over the top of the steering wheel would result in pain. Any t2b, snatches, ohs would aggravate the shoulder so I pretty much stopped those activities. That info is for anyone who may have same/similar issues. Saw the Ortho in February and he did a physical exam of the shoulder and took an X-ray which showed it needed to be decompressed and that he would probably cut and re-anchor the tendon at the same time. He declined the MRI saying he would be able to see better while he was in there. Fast forward to last Saturday, turned on the shower with the left hand , and it felt like a Charlie horse in the bicep. I knew right there it was ruptured and you could already see the difference in the two arms. Surgery on Friday 4/4 to repair the tendon, and the anterior portion of the labrum, 1 total anchor. So, question for any of you Orthos out there, Sean Rockett, will this take as long to heal as the right shoulder? I would like to hear from someone who is crossfit oriented and knowledgeable in this field. I feel like this is still going to take a similar amount of time due to the soft tissue repair/healing. I think if it had just been the tendon, it could've been a month or two tops. I'm already on the recovery boat, it would be nice to look forward to less healing time. I'm one day removed from surgery and already feel great, thinking up all of the leg wods I will be doing. Thanks
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Sean Rockett
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Re: Recovery time for ruptured bicep tendon/decompression/anterior torn labrum

Hey sounds a lot better than the other one. No rotator cuff involvement will help dramatically. So was it a biceps tenodesis? If so, the recovery can still take 4-5 months to get strength fully back.
Sean Rockett, MD
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