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Deb Weber
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Re: deb - WOD Bod Log

CYCLE 16, WEEK 2, DAY 3 12_31_17 Sunday. Last session of the year.
OHP Light Triples 77#/3 (5)
BENCHPRESS HEAVY 3's 117#/3 (3) PR
Incline Bench 80#/10, 80#/8, 80#/8

CYCLE 16, WEEK 2, DAY 4 1_2_18 Tuesday. Not enough sleep.
Squat Light Triples 153#/3 (5)
DEADLIFT HEAVY 3's 215#/3 (3) Seems easier.
RDL 150#/6 (3) Added # hoping to move squat & DL up; felt it in the lats.
Shrug 140#/12 (3)

CYCLE 16, WEEK 3, DAY 1 SNOW!! Got to the office an hour early, everyone else took the day off. Got to the gym an hour early, only to be informed its closing early. It was only 3" of snow....
OHP Heavy Singles 95# (3) quickest warmups ever for this and CGBP
CGBP 103#/8, 8, 8 (+1# from last time, gym closing and screw the snow, to fit 3 sets I had 3 min rest instead of 5, huge diff - ? - my left hamstring cramped and screaming after first 5 reps
Triceps HOME (kilos & not the right amount)
LTE 55#/6 (too heavy!) + 44#/6. 44#/10 (2) Kinda shot after the 55#.

CYCLE 16, WEEK 3, DAY 2 1_6_18 Saturday neck stinger & feeling tired/crappy.
SQUAT HEAVY SINGLES 200# (3) Never done more than 1 single. Fairly easy other than making noise trying to KEEP back tight 3/4 way up (No ****s given). Legs felt fine.
No powercleans today because early am, noise.
Seated Widegrip Lat Pulldown 90#/10, 80#/10, 80#/10
Standing straight arm pressdown 60#/10, 50#+40#+30#/5 2x.
Seated Close Grip Row 60#/10 (3)
Bent Barbell Row 95#/5 (3)
Curls 50#/10, 40#/10 stopped because all the bars were taken
Supposed to add cardio but haven't been able to with early closings. Tomorrow I want to try for 130# bench singles, but it may be overreaching. Felt the same about squats today. if Im going to fail might as well fail big; guess Ill go by feel.

CYCLE 16, WEEK 3, DAY 3 1_7_18 Sunday
OHP Light Triples 77#/3 (5)
BENCHPRESS HEAVY SINGLES...............130# (3) Lifetime PR
first rep easy; 3rd iffy bc spotter REFUSED TO NOT TOUCH THE BAR. Its a weight I can clean & jerk, I wont DROP it, but it could hurt me if I lower on my neck - that's what the spotters there for, if it starts going the other way or I SAY grab it.
Incline Benchpress 80#/10, 10, 8

CYCLE 16, WEEK 3, DAY 4 1_9_18 Tuesday
Squat Light Triples 155#/3 (5)
DEADLIFT HEAVY SINGLES 24​0# (3) Probably redo, third rep sucked because, I lost my grip.
RDL 140#/8 (3)
Shrug 140#/12 (3)
I hope I'll be able to do 5's next week!
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