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Exercises Movements, technique & proper execution

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Old 12-04-2008, 02:00 PM   #1
Eddie Watts
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progressing from subs to the actual moves

i did Nate the other day, last time i did it i had to sub all of it basically.
can't muscle up and no rings at my gym anyway
cannot do a 2pood kettlebell swing (no k-bell and that weight is too much for me)
can't do handstand press ups.

however this is my second time doing this workout and i added 5 kgs onto my dumbell swing (last time started at 20 dropped to 15 after 2 rounds. this time 2-kg all way through)
last time used gravitron machin for pull ups, this time did them all full weight (using 4 pull ups + 4 dips as sub for muscle up)
last time used a box to sub for handstand press ups this time did them against a wall for support.
great progress, makes me feel good.
now onto my point (sorry!) i did hand stand press ups against a wall and did not manage full depth, managed about 2 inches in total maybe, so far from full ROM. but in my last round i went for the box version and found it just WAY to easy.
so i'm figuring on doing them with limited range of motion from now on, much harder and surely will aid me in getting to the full movement faster?
then i thought about the possibility of doing a negative hspu?
get into handstand position and just lower head to floor, drop out of position and then get back into handstand again. what do people think?

also when should i consider trying a bar muscle up? i've just started to get the hang of kipping and my numbers are going up literally every workout
so progression is definitely there.
thanks for any thoughts and replies
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Old 12-06-2008, 02:05 AM   #2
Blair Robert Lowe
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Re: progressing from subs to the actual moves

Muscle-ups, even jump muscle ups can be done on a single bar or smith machine ( you can lower the bar and do it from a droopy L position ).

Find a weight you can swing, DB if you have to. Basically scale it down.

Instead of HSPU, you could try doing decline pushups or rigging up one of those band supported HSPU hanging off a bar. If you can't do decline pushups, do regular pushups and so on.

Instead of HSPU, you could also try shoulder press or overhead press. 1/2 BW is a good place to start but doing HSPU also gets you upside down which is good in itself.

For now, do jumping bar MU. A negative handstand pushup to headstand would be better than a severely limited ROM HSPU. Or you could do them with your feet elevated so that your hips are at 90 degrees by putting your feet on a stool or box.

Try a bar muscle-up whenever you like.

Were you doing the piked handstand pushups off a box or how were you doing them off the box?
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Old 12-07-2008, 04:15 PM   #3
Eddie Watts
Member Eddie Watts is offline
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Northampton  UK
Posts: 414
Re: progressing from subs to the actual moves

yeah i was caling the dumbell weight back, am working the weights up as i go along depending on the rep count.
i think i'll go with a negative handstand press up, the doms i got the next day after my 2-3 inch hspu were extreme so they must have done me some good!

i did them piked off a box last time, i did this on the last round only this time and they were much easier than my extremely limited rom hspu.

so jumping bar muscle up would be harder than the sub of 4 pull ups and 4 dips? i'm wondering because the muscle ups and squats workout is coming up soon for me(i'm about 6 WODs behind the main site)

thanks for the reply
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