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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Dan Schaal
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Repetitive Stress Injuries


I want to start this my telling everyone I am an avid crossfitter who absolutely loves it. I have been doing it since 2008 (save 2009, as I took a break while playing on two hockey teams). Also, I am 42 years old (though I don't feel like it).

About 10 months ago, I started doing personal workouts prescibed by my CF trainer. Around late fall, I started getting pains in my left wrist and left shoulder. They were manageable, but go increasingly painful.

On 2/28, I tweaked my back doing DL in one of my wods. I decided to shut it down and have a chiro work on my back (as this has also been a recurring problem). It turned out that I have scoliosis (did not see that one coming).

Along with work on my back, he also has been doing work on my shoulder. That did not improve as much as I would like. Two wks ago I broke down and went to the Ortho. She diagnosed it as bursitis (shoulder impingement) and gave me a cortizone shot. It feels good now (though that is likely the cortizone talking). Chiro stated to stay off it for another week or two and then start to do stretching with the the Ortho provided me and SLOWLY work in weights. I am ok with this as I am focused on getting this better.

One of the first things I read about bursitis/shoulder impingement, is that it is one of those things that rears its head in people over 40 and can be a result of reptitive stress. The issue with the wrist (likely ligament) is also a reslut of repetitve stress.

Where does this leave me now? As much as I LOVE crossfit, I do belive the repetitive stress injuries are legit. That may be the over forty in me talking. someone in their 20s likely may not experience this right away - young joints, tendons, ligaments, etc! Obviously I want to keep doing Crossfit, but I feel like I could be at the time where I do need to alter my workouts to mitigate the reptitive stress injuries. Maybe I am at the point where I need to introduce a hell of a lot more mobility into my workouts?

I believe that I can get my shoulder and wrist in good shape again - the wrist actual has been feeling good over the past two weeks, maybe time off has helped, but I still want to get it treated. My back is a different story. These have been injuries to my lower back that have been occurring for about six years. Again, I may need to stretch a heck of a lot more and maybe the chiro and working on the scoliosis can help, but again, the repetitive stress in crossfit wods, the chronic injury and my age concern me. at minimum, I may scale back when it comes to DL in WODs and/or wear a belt. I am not sure if my days of heavy DLs are over, which is a shame as I really would like to hit 400 1RM!

Thank you very much for reading my long, rambling post. Especially for you over 40 and/or dealing with repetitive stress injuries, let me know your thoughts. I will get through this all and changes may have to happen if I want to continue crossfit!
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Helen M Brennan
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Re: Repetitive Stress Injuries

as a CFer much older than you are I can tell you that the good news is that with good care, proper diagnosis and rehabilitation work you can keep doing crossfit.. however you need to become very attuned to the messages that your body is sending you. be religious in your approach to mobility work, stretching and warm up and warm down. I have found as the years march on that a prewarm up warm up is invaluable.

remember that the real aim of CF is to be strong and capable for the rest of your life so to sacrifice that for the sake of "ego" is foolish.

wishing you the very best

you don't drown by falling into water. you drown by staying there. Edwin Louis Cole
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