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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Chuck Yohnke
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Broken Patella

Hello All,
So I just found out yesterday that I broke my left patella in half. It's a vertical fracture, breaking off the lateral 1/3 of my left patella. It looks like it is going to require surgery to put it back together. Does anyone have any experience in dealing with a broken patella? Any idea of what the road to recovery looks like and what I can expect? Also, does anyone have any experience with unilateral movements to minimize muscle atrophy? Any stories, anecdotes, experiences, and links are greatly appreciated!

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Paul Siegel
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Re: Broken Patella


I had roughly the same injury. I had an avulsion fracture of the lateral femoral condyle that required screws to put back together. I was in an extension brace for 2 months before I was able to bend my knee again. Spent 4 months in the brace before getting back in the gym. Then, I was squatting with very light weights and horrible form, basically have to start over. I am back to were I was before I injured me knee and my form is excellent now. It's been approximately 2 years since I had the injury. It bothers me when the weather changes, and if I don't keep it stretched out and moving free. But I do everything I want to do, including caving (i.e. lots of crawling).

I'm going to tell you some hard news: You are in for a long, long road of recovery. Probably around 18 months. If not longer. Open knee surgery is no joke and it is a long process to recovery. Good Luck. if you have anymore questions just PM me.

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Brian Strump
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Re: Broken Patella

I'm no surgeon, but I think an avulsion fracture of a femoral condyle is much worse than fractured patella. I had a fractured patella and severe knee sprain in HS. I was back to football practice in 3 weeks, playing games in 4 weeks. I'm not saying that was the brightest decision, but the pain was not significant enough to keep me away. I had arthroscopic surgery to remove the bone fragments, no other structural damage.
Brian Strump, D.C., FMS, NKT
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