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Old 06-21-2005, 07:22 AM   #1
Troy Archie
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I’ve been thinking more and more about off scale back lately and it seems like all too often I say to myself that I’m in need of one but yet I can never bring myself to doing it. All too often I start up the WOD with the full intention of taking it easy and just simply walking my way through it, to end up going hard or plans of cutting the required rounds in half only to end up doing them all. So now I’m questioning what other tactics can be used during a scale back week? Lighter weights are an obvious one and I was even thinking that leaving the watch at home and not bother timing myself. Anyone got any other ideas?

I’ve also been thinking about what I call “Fun Days” lately. Basically they’re day’s where I do the WOD outside. My times always suck when I do them but it’s so refreshing to go outside after sitting in front of a desk for 10 hours and not having to go inside again to the gym. Now I guess that could be considered a scale back day, but for myself the opportunity to do “Fun Days” come by pretty rarely. So I ask, is it counter-productive to do these “Fun Days”? For instance, the others day’s WOD was “Barbara” and I did it outside at a park using rings and unanchored sit-ups. My average per round was 6:36. Terrible times as far as I’m concerned but I did enjoy myself.
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Old 06-21-2005, 07:53 AM   #2
Graham Hayes
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If it feels good; do it.

If your fun days come rarely it will not retard your progress at all...imo. If anything it'll give you a boost for the next session.

Regarding forcing yourself to take it yourself into the ground over a few days and find you have no choice. You probably don't need it if you can keep going as hard as you work harder and earn your scale back weeks!
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