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Old 08-18-2004, 01:01 PM   #11
Barry Cooper
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Your point is well taken. I was being imprecise in my terminology. I was of course indirectly referring to the airplane/tornado/junkyard argument.

This is a discussion that has been discussed on both sides by people brighter than me. I think both sides are tenable, depending upon your specific a priori beliefs.

I've always liked the old joke about the man who studies religion for years and years, and can only reach 2 definitive conclusions: "1) I'm not God; 2) Neither are you."

Bottom line with respect to diet is to do what works for you. "Works" means low body fat, high energy, lack of appetite (ideally), and glowing health. Pay attention when you eat to what happens.
Old 08-18-2004, 01:04 PM   #12
Steve Shafley
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Location: Saginaw  MI
Posts: 508
I strongly suggest that this topic is inappropriate for this forum. Even though it is tenatively about the paleo diet. Even though this forum tends to be a polite forum of peers, the whole Evolution/Creation debate has been conducted on the internet probably since it's inception.

Old 08-18-2004, 01:42 PM   #13
Paul M
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Perhaps one of the moderators can at least move the topic from the "Nutrition" forum into the "Community" forum, which is a more appropriate place for what is essentially an off-topic conversation.

Old 08-18-2004, 03:15 PM   #14
Barry Cooper
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Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Louisville  KY
Posts: 2,188
Steve and Paul,

I can see why you would say that. Obviously, some posts have strayed completely and overtly into specific religious beliefs.

Having said that, I can see why Kevin posted that. He has adopted enthusiastically both religion, and the Paleo perspective on health and nutrition, and they don't necessarily agree with one another, depending upon the exact formulation of each that you use. He's essentially asking a group of his peers: can they go together?

Evolution is the backdrop for Paleo, Lights Out, and to a lesser extent the Zone and other diets. It's cited constantly on this site, also in respect to the need for constant adaption. It doesn't seem to me that a constrained discussion will hurt anyone, especially since Kevin posted a warning.

However, I'm not a moderator. In point of fact, I'm part of the reason moderators exist, so ultimately I have no actionable say on anything.
Old 08-18-2004, 04:06 PM   #15
Paul M
Departed Paul M is offline
Join Date: Jan 1970
Posts: 55

As soon as I made my post, I regretted it as it violated my general principle of not getting involved in board politics. I was just trying to offer a compromise between those who wanted to have this discussion and those who feel its inappropriate (I was assuming that more people felt the way that Steve does.)

I appreciate the open discussion of ideas on this forum and by no means wish to stifle that discussion.

Old 08-18-2004, 05:22 PM   #16
Graham Hayes
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Location: Sidmouth  Devon
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Some food for thought; while I agree that carbon dating often gives unusual results from time to time, it is in some circumstances fairly reliable. However there are events where the "clock" can be reset, so something could be much much older than the lab would suggest.
Old 08-18-2004, 05:25 PM   #17
Dave Clarke
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Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: Melbourne  Victoria
Posts: 61
I'm always glad when I find other Christians wherever I go. Now my thoughts:

Following a paleo diet doesn't mean you have to think you're immitating 'neanderthals' that some people say are 1.5 million years ago. There are still tribes, cheifdoms and bands throughout the world that follow a paleo diet not because they want to, but because that is the range of foods available to them. And they're very healthy. Why? Coz their diet works. If you don't like it you don't have to follow it. If you do like it, go for it.

In regards to the bible, the latest book of the bible, Revelations, was written about AD70, which means the books of the bible are at least approximately 2000 years old. Geneologies tracing family lines right back to the start, ie; Adam&Eve, suggest that the world wouldn't be much more than 6000 years old.

I firmly beleive that dinosaurs, pteranodons and plesiosaurs all co existed with man. Why? Genesis 6:19. Two of every animal went on the ark with Noah.

There are reasons that carbon dating figures are incorrect when dating old artefacts and fossils. The reasons for which would make this post much, much, longer. There are also ways to explain the very long lives of people in Genesis, but I think I've said enough. Maybe too much.

I don't mean to sound cheeky or disrespectful by correcting people, nor do I intend to cause anyone offence. I'm just putting my 2c in. I also think this post would be better off in the community section.



oh, by the way, go to:
Old 08-18-2004, 05:36 PM   #18
Kevin Roddy
Member Kevin Roddy is offline
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Harrison TWP  Michigan
Posts: 769
Paul - Regret nothing. :-) I could care less if this was in community or in nutrition, I simply put it here because it had the whole paleo backdrop.

Dave - I agree very much. Good site BTW.
Old 08-18-2004, 08:01 PM   #19
Jay Edvardz
Departed Jay Edvardz is offline
Join Date: Jan 1970
Posts: 445
I am Christian, and my faith is extremely strong. I follow the paleo diet because it works for me - simple as that. Calorie for calorie, lean meat, fruits, veggies, and nuts are far more nutritious than other foodstuffs. No need to allow beliefs ,or lack thereof, dictate what you do and do not eat. Many in this thread simply stated "do what works for you," and I couldnt agree more.

A personal note: It's really encouraging to see some of the younger guys on the board (Kevin, Roy) with strong faith. Kevin, hats off to you. You came right out and said you were Christian and made an intelligent post without being offensive or zealous.

Old 08-19-2004, 05:44 PM   #20
Robert Wolf
Member Robert Wolf is offline
Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: Chico  CA
Posts: 2,669
A couple of things:

1) The vatican ( I suspect the folks here who are christians are NOT catholic...but I figure the Pontif and crew should carry a bit of weight) has no issue with evolution so long as it is not presented in a way which denies the existence of a God. When queried as to the apparent discrepency between biblical and geological/evolutionary thought the differences do not seem to concern these folks.

2) Many of the worlds religions Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism to name a few, are predicated on the idea of constant change. Just thought I would mention this.

3)The Bible has information which can/has been verified to be both accurate and inacurate. I do not see either situation sufficient to justify either belief or disbelief in the tenants of Christianity. If one is moved to this path I think that is great. I would however caution the logic that because an idea is at odds with biblical teaching it must be inaccurate...for what I hope is an obvious reason. If one draws a line in the sand in this way ANY biblical inaccuracy calls into question Christiandom itself.

BTW- Im not a black and white, either or type of person, however when a group approaches things from a for me/against me perspective the same standards must apply both ways.

4) I hope this is takken in the spirit of discussion and is non-offensive. It is certianly not my intention to be a flame or to make anyone feel uncomfortable regarding their beliefs.
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