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Running a CrossFit Facility Tips and guidance on how to open and operate a CrossFit gym.

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Old 05-26-2008, 03:58 PM   #41
Tom Brose
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Re: How Does Anyone Afford CF?

Clint, you are welcome to come back down to CFDC. $12 per class drop in basis for military/LEO/students.

I have never turned anyone away because they really couldn't afford it. If its a real priority but there just aren't the resources, I'll ask them to keep coming, and maybe help out with occasional projects. On the other hand, when I get emails asking about discounts from a corporate VP who has never come to class, no deal.
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Old 05-26-2008, 05:04 PM   #42
Joseph Patrick
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Re: How Does Anyone Afford CF?

I'm a little confused here...are you guys paying $150 a month for unlimited classes? The affiliate that I used to go to was $150 a month for class only twice a week...I would love to continue to attend with the affiliate but for me right now it is a bit pricey.

I opted to spend some money up front and buy some bumpers,barbells,KB's,pull up bars and dip bars....I'm still in the process of making a plyo box an a few various sizes of med balls...I figured that with what I learned from going to my affiliate for 4-months will surely help me along with the great videos on this site...when I feel that I'm at a loss I will drop the $25 for a session to go "re-learn" what I may have forgotten or gotten sloppy on.

I still pay $20 a month for my globo gym membership for heavy,heavy days or swim also helps with mixing things up a bit and allows me to get away from the garage gym every once and a while.
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Old 05-26-2008, 05:35 PM   #43
Tobias W. Neal
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Talking Re: How Does Anyone Afford CF?

Good evening everyone,

I am now an offficial affiliate. I charge $225.00 for an elements class, $150 a month for unlimited classes and I work discounts for military, LE, Fire, and students. I also offer discounts to those that join and train at the same time.

Here is my question to those that wonder why our prices are set.

What would you be comfortable paying knowing that you are getting personal training up to 6 days a week?

I am truly asking because I love CrossFit and want to help as many people as possible however my bills need to be paid and I am limited with my class space. I understand this is a tough time for many but really the value for what we offer versus a globo gym should be a deciding factor. I also do trades for classes as in helping around the gym etc, if that person is truly motivated. If they miss a workout or don't fulfill our agreement then that deal is a bust.

Let me know because I truly do want to help.

CrossFit Aspire
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Old 05-26-2008, 06:20 PM   #44
Zach Yarges
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Re: How Does Anyone Afford CF?

I went to the Crossfit Hickory when I lived there and had no problem paying the membership fee because I knew the value I was getting out of it. I talked to the owner/trainer Kent and discussed this issue often and the importance of a 'free week' so that people can have a chance to feel the value. I moved from a luxury apartment (it was very nice and roomy) to a house out in the country and that alone saved me an extra $500 dollars a month so I could afford the affiliate and my other sports of backpacking and hunting. I think this is a dead horse that will rise again so enough. Bottom line is that you get what you pay for most of the time. If you are paying $150 at an affiliate and are getting treated like you are at a globo gym then complain freely otherwise pinch the pennies or cut a deal.
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Old 05-26-2008, 06:34 PM   #45
Zach Even - Esh
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Re: How Does Anyone Afford CF?

In the 70's I believe personal training was around $ 20 per session.

Now, we offer more fun, better training (MUCH better training), small groups, training in countless formats that you would never recieve at a typical gym, and most of all - we are tlaking about your health.

The police in my town make 6 figures in 7 years on the job ... without overtime...

$ 150 for unlimited classes comes out to under $ 10 per session, to me, that's insane and is a slap in the face to what we do.

When I was training, I payed for my wrestling club and gym dues...and I WORKED to get this money. I mowed lawns, washed cars, rode my bike to the gym, did landscaping, worked for a mason and did anything to make money.

I never complained, I found a way.

When I see people complain about price, I know they're not gonna be a good fit.

The same people who do this want discounts and freebies on almost everything else.

For those who honestly are in a bind and can not afford, they can help with cleaning and projects around the gym.

Bottom line...from the people I know running CF facilities, for the benefits received from the training (emotionally, physically, socially, etc.) - offering $ 150 membership fees for unlimited is undercharging.

This will rock the boat, but I believe BIG time in what I do. I run small groups, it's rare to have more than 5 clients under 1 coach, if you have 30, 40 people in a class, then I think pricing can be structured differently.

Just had to speak up here
__________________ in Edison & Manasquan, NJ &
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Old 05-26-2008, 06:36 PM   #46
Robert Peck Fletcher
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Re: How Does Anyone Afford CF?

Affiliates must charge what the market will bear. What is a CF box membership worth to you? What is the worth of personal training? If there was a CF box within 10 miles of my home and the atmosphere was that of other affiliates I have trained at I would pay $100 a month. I will not pay the local YMCA $45 a month that is 2 miles away. If I could train at CF HQ, I would be happy to pay $300 a month. You get what you pay for. The best affiliates will make money but they have to produce. A globo gym will make money but they only have to keep the doors open. If a person can not afford to train at an affiliate, find another way to make it happen. Long before CF there was elite fitness.
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Old 05-26-2008, 06:51 PM   #47
Jimi Miller
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Re: How Does Anyone Afford CF?

I can understand it being a touchy issue for owners b/c deciding on a pricing schedule can be difficult and can have a direct effect on their success or failure. For me, as an athlete, it's pretty simple...either pay or don't. I don't train at an affiliate due to cost and travel time. But I don't hold it against the gym. I'd be wasting their time when they could be training (and getting paid by) someone more affluent. That's life. Crossfit is not a charity.

This whole thing (site included) is just part of a business plan.

Luckily for us a great community has grown up around it.
Workout Blog (wfs)
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Old 05-26-2008, 08:07 PM   #48
Tim Luby
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Re: How Does Anyone Afford CF?

This thread just makes me question the whole affiliate business model. It's not exactly a cash cow for a lot of the affiliates and it's just too expensive for the average Joe crossfitters of the world. So does anyone win? Well, at least two people do

Problem is the pool of potential clients is just too small, as crossfit simply does not have mass appeal. Supply and demand sends the prices skywards and that narrows down the pool some more.

The majority of hardcore crossfitters (and average xfitters such as myself) have their own set-up, too and don't want/need person trainer-type attention. Scratch those guys off your list.

All I can say is props to the affiliates. You guys have balls for doing what you love.
The log
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Old 05-26-2008, 08:33 PM   #49
Gant Grimes
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Re: How Does Anyone Afford CF?

Originally Posted by Mark E. Wallace View Post
I disagree. Affiliates (or any other business owner, frankly) should be compensated for the service that they provide, and that's it. Maybe it's a matter of perspective, but you taking an entrepreneurial risk isn't a service to me. What you do for me day in & day out in terms of helping me get in better shape is a valuable service to me, and that's all I'm willing to compensate for. Whether or not you're taking a risk in starting a small business is your problem as the owner, not mine as the consumer.

(Not you personally, Randy, of course..."you" in general.)

- Mark

Affiliates, take note. Getting ****ed off every time this comes up is not the answer. Randy, you asked if doctors and lawyers get questioned about their rates. Yeah, they do. Every single day. And their answer--to the client--never includes their overhead or expenses.

Clint went by an affiliate, was put through a "Cindy-type workout," and was shocked that they wanted $20. He doesn't need to search threads. He walked in off the streets, paid his money, and was left wondering where the value was. He asked a fair question.

When I walked into Rip's, he took me to the side and put me through Cindy. He said it was a different way and asked me to keep an open mind. Twenty minutes later I was hooked. By the time we got to it, price was an afterthought. Rip showed me the value, while Clint's affiliate failed him.

You should never be offended when someone questions your pricing. If you're defensive, it's because you're worried more about your expenses than you are about providing a valuable service. Indeed, the pricing question is your first opportunity to explain why you're so much better than the next guys (hell, by the time I teach you how to eat correctly you'll be saving $200/month in restaurant charges).

I have nothing but love for the affiliates, and I hope you all succeed. Joe W., your gym sounds like my kinda place. I will definitely look you up if I'm ever in your area.

People are asking this question because they want to know. Would you rather they just cruised by?
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Old 05-26-2008, 10:36 PM   #50
Derek Maffett
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Re: How Does Anyone Afford CF?

The idea of an open gym has been thrown around here. I think that Tom has a point, but there's another very good reason (mentioned in another thread) why that probably isn't going to happen. An affiliate owner would not look at bad form and remain quiet. A Crossfitter will not keep stony silence as one of his clients hits a PR deadlift. Globo-gyms are different - machines are very difficult to use "incorrectly" while squats are likely to be messed up without any coaching.

And actually, price is one of my insecurities with opening an affiliate. I know I'm probably going to have to charge more than I'm comfortable asking in order to make things work. Fortunately for the client, though, that same thing makes it imperative that I get the certs and education necessary and run a good, dependable affiliate that gets people the results implied in the price.

Here's a little touch of irony for you guys - an affiliate owner is little more than a garage Crossfitter. He'll probably work out alone without coach or camaraderie. Not 100% true, I suppose, but quite possible and funny to consider.
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