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Old 12-09-2012, 02:46 PM   #1
David Allen Rogers
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Balancing strength training with 5k training

For much of this year, I have focused on strength -- first SS and then GSLP so I could get some conditioning in. My strength numbers are now reasonable (about intermediate level) so now I want to focus on improving my pathetic 5k time. I also want my strength to keep improving, just as a secondary priority.

Recently, I starting mixing in running sessions on my GSLP off days but this is seriously conflicting with my squats. If I run one day, the next day I will not have the legs for squatting. If I squat one day, the next day I will not have the legs for running. With standard GSLP, every day is either a lower body day or a rest day adjacent to a lower body day so clearly this is not going to work.

Mixing strength training and running like this would be no issue for a guy in his 20's but I am approaching my late 30's and my recovery ability isn't what it used to be. My diet, sleep, etc. are all great so there really isn't much room for improvement on that side of things. I need to figure out how to modify my strength training program to adapt it to my capacity to recover.

Some options I've been thinking about:
a. Stick with GSLP but simply replace back squats with front squats. Front squats are easier to recover from.
b. Switch to 5/3/1 for the period of the 5k training. 5/3/1 has less overall recovery demands than programs like GSLP.
c. Do a hybrid: Lower body 5/3/1 plus upper body GSLP. It should be possible to keep the LP going with the less demanding upper body lifts.

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David Meverden
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Re: Balancing strength training with 5k training

Option D: Move to a westside type template, or the related Ultimate Advantage template and add endurance work as described in the article linked in this thread (WFS). It wouldn't be a small shift, but it could work very well.

Chris Mason posted that just a few weeks ago and it sounds like a great way to work endurance training in to a strength program. With a westside template you aren't always banging away at the same exercises so it's easier to fit in extra stuff. Now, the volume of running listed in the article is probably overkill for a 5k (the articles author talks about doing marathons and iron man triathlons), but it's a good template.

As for how to do the ME, DE stuff you can check out Chris Mason's stuff in the CFJ or check out Coach Rick Scarpulla's Ultimate Advantage program that a number of us are doing over in this (really really long) thread: (WFS). Golden Empire Training ( WFS) is a good example of that style of training tailored more for CrossFit if you want a little bit faster look at what this would be like.
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