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Yahya Kohgadai
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conditioning while in a hypertrophy program.

Hey all. I haven't log in here years so hello to anyone that remembers me.

So I want to change my goals to gaining muscle but I also need to improve my conditioning. The last few years I've done pretty very little metcon or cardio. I've been doing various olympic lifting programs and full body programs.

So my purpose for the metcon work isn't to minimize fat gains while on a bulk or anything like that. It's solely for the purpose of just feeling healthier.

Here's the routine I was thinking of:

T/Th/Sat, alternating between A and B.

Workout A:
backsquats 5x5
bench 3x10ish
press "
dips "

Workout B:
Deadlifts 5x5
pullups 3x 10ish
Bent over rows "
upright rows "

My initial thought was 70s big but I kinda feel like my muscles would respond better to having days were I'm doing multiple press movements and multiple pull movements.. almost like having a chest day and a back day. So I came up w/this. The reason I didnt go for the typical bodybuilder body part split is because I dont like the idea of squatting and deadlifting only once a week. But I'm open to changing the routine if it means I can squeeze in some metcon.


What would YOU do for conditioning if your goal was was hypertrophy?
34/m - 5'8" - 170lbs - 18%bf
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Old 08-04-2015, 06:32 AM   #2
Michael Lennox
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Re: conditioning while in a hypertrophy program.

Upper/ lower split, hard tempo runs on leg days, easy long run on day off (sat or sun)
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Old 08-04-2015, 11:52 AM   #3
Richard Colon
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Re: conditioning while in a hypertrophy program.

Originally Posted by Yahya Kohgadai View Post
What would YOU do for conditioning if your goal was was hypertrophy?
Nothing better (not even close) for hypertrophy than bodybuilding.

If you want to feel healthier, then tons of water, good nutrition, removing clutter (bull$hit stress) from your life and solid sleep go a very long way.

If you want metabolic strength, endurance and that feeling of being in shape regarding heart/lung capacity, then run. Lots of sprinting. Do some long interval type stuff (10 x 800m, etc), with an occasional 5k. Foam roll, stretch and maybe even yoga to get the junk out after these runs.
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Old 08-04-2015, 04:13 PM   #4
Chris Mason
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Re: conditioning while in a hypertrophy program.

Get on an actual bodybuilding program and do a couple of WODs per week for conditioning. Now, what is an actual bodybuilding program? I am glad you asked. In order to maximize hypertrophy you need to have the majority of your working sets be in the 8-12 range for upper body and 10-15 range for the lower body. You want to take your sets to, or close to concentric failure. Utilize controlled repetitions and train for the "pump". The other side of hypertophy training is you have to consume sufficient cals to fuel it.
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