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Old 09-14-2017, 09:06 AM   #2211
Deb Weber
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Re: deb - WOD Bod Log

CYCLE 10, WEEK 1, DAY 4 8_15_17 Tuesday
Not enough sleep.
SQUAT 152#/3 (5) did 150 last cycle
HEAVY DEADLIFT 205#/5 (3) did 200 last
RDL 145#/6 (2)
SHRUG 145#/10 (2)

CYCLE 10, WEEK 2, DAY 1 8_17_17 Thursday
OHP 80#/3 (3) fairly easy, repeat from last cycle when I could only get 2 reps
CGBP 102#/6.5, 6, 6 (6.5 - lowered 7 to the bottom rack)
STE 35#/10 (ouchie on the clavicle-resectioned shoulder!)
LTE 40#/12
STE 35#/7 (tried again because no ouchie on lte)
LTE 40#/10
Cable Pressdown 40#/10 (3)
French Press w/17.5# Dumbbell

CYCLE 10, WEEK 2, DAY 2 8_19_17 Saturday AFTERNOON to not disturb people
HEAVY SQUAT TRIPLES app warmup + a single at 170 #
180#/3 (3) Is this really me?? Fueled by a small cup of Lucky Charms! and despite surreptitious watching (I didnt pee or lose any bodyparts, so?).
POWERCLEANS 88#/2, 95#/2, 110#/2 (2) 120#/2, 125#/2, 131#, 135# CLARK (FOD - Fear of Dumping, lost my rhythm, it was way high enough)
I had asked gymmates mind if I do powercleans. They looked kinda like Jim Mora...."POWERcleans??! POWercleans!" But said go on.
PULLUPS Gravitron @ 11, 6, 5 and 5 reps. ill have to stop *****ing around and do some negatives at some point.
BARBELL ROW 85#/10 (3)
CURLS 50#/10 (2)

8_20_17 Sunday. Another day another birthday; day one of year 58. although shhh!! we're having another baby, which is a GREAT gift!
OHP 69#/3 (5)
BENCHPRESS HEAVY 111.2#/3, 112#/3 (2) IDK. i had hormonal issues last triples, could only do one at 112. SHould I have tried more? 3rd rep was slow but easily doable.
INCLINE BENCH 65#/10, 75#/10
next couple sessions will be on the beach. We'll see.

CYCLE 10, WEEK 2, DAY 4 8_22_17 on the lake beach, no sleep
Light Squat 152#/3 (5)
HEAVY DEADLIFT 225#/2 (3). Did 220 last cycle.
RDL 145#/6 (3)
SHRUG 145#/10 (3)
Bathing suit...I should probably cut after vaca. Im afraid to stop making gains tho. Somewhere I saw something about hibar and not bouncing off knees. I wish there's was an article here on that, I'll have to search the web for it.

8_24_17 Thursday.
OHP 45#/5, 45#/5, 60#/5, 75#/3, 80#/2 - Workset: 90.5# F, 90# F, 88# F!!!
I suspected this might be a ****show...shoulders are still really sore from dog pulling on the lead in the cemetery before the 6 hr drive up Monday, and driving 6 hrs w/her periodically bodyslamming my left shoulder....I guess it should be PMS time, if its on time, everything hurts; or, I'm just old. Does it matter, still a bitter pill.
CGBP 102#/4, 5, 4 wth? seriously?
all that work, get to singles week looking to do well, turns into singles WEAK. double eff.

CYCLE 10, WEEK 3, DAY 2 8_26_17 Saturday

SQUAT 165#, 185#, 190#, 201F!?, 190#, 190#f, 188#
Underfed, under rested.
It is what it is, vaca. Indulging my absurd love of beer. Sam Adams October fest is out here. And sand sucks.
ROW 90#/10 (3) supinated, pronated, all lowered to the sand.
Curls 50#/10 (2) 45#/8

8_26_17 Sunday

69#/3 (5)
HEAVY BENCH 45,45,65x5,85x3,105x2, then 120#?...too big a jump. 115#x1, 118# (easy), 120# (good bar speed), 122#F (the bar was past sticking point not going the wrong way but not going up so much, and my SO grabbed it; I thought I'd have ground it out.. Happy to be back to 120# for a single... at least he got to see my 120#
INCLINE BENCH 65#/10, 75#/10

CYCLE 10, WEEK 3, DAY 4 8_29_17 Tuesday: slept well last nite, not much the nite before.

SQUAT Light 152#/3 (5)
HEAVY DEADLIFT wu: 135,135,165/5,190/3,220/2. WORK: 245#/1, f, f.
245# is a PR, two fails are disappointing (broke both off the sand, but my form would have been ****, so no). Eh. Probably would repeat if I got all three anyway, because, SAND. No beer OR Jack (my other nemesis) yesterday, go figure. I saw a lady post that she was deadlifting, and decided to "try" powercleans. For three TRIPLES. Ha! I can't imagine, only in my dreams. But I discovered I can reach over the side of the boat and lift my dogs back on board, with one hand. Training benefits!
RDL 150#/6 (3)
SHRUG 145#/10 (3)

Two days ago I kayaked 1 mile, and yesterday walked about a mile.

8_31_17 Thursday

OHP 35kg - 77#/5 (3) moving up next time.
CGBP 102#/5, 5, 5
Triceps LTE 40#/10 (3), STE 35#/5, French Press 5#/10 (3) each arm


Breaking camp. More family tragedy. All I had time for.

SQUAT170#/4, 3, 3, 3, 2
Maybe time for 3x5, 3x3, 1x3 idfk

CYCLE 11, WEEK 1, DAY 3 9_4_17 Monday. At home.
BENCH 106#/4, 3, 2 wth???
It is what it is. Back to the office: computer's a mess, so are jobs, so is the network - need to fix. Irma to Fla (kids/grandkids). Family member still critical in ICU. I guess it could be stress. ??

CYCLE 11, WEEK 1, DAY 3 9_4_17 Monday. At home.
OHP Light - 70.x#/3 (5) Needed to note I upped that weight due to new 5's or I'll forget in my dotage
BENCH 106#/4, 3, 2 wth???

9_7_17 Thursday. Globo.
Its apparent that the bone in my low back that moves, its shifted out. Hurts like hell. That could have been the trouble with other lifts...
Also, I left my fractional weights at home, FML. Deadlift day is the hardest one for me, seems like treading water lately.

SQUAT Light 150#/3 (5)
HEAVY DEADLIFT 210#/5 (3) - did 205# last cycle, I think.
RDL 145#/6 (2)
SHRUG 145#/10 (2)

CYCLE 11, WEEK 2, DAY 1 9_9_17 Saturday
my hurt back seems 95% cured after squats/deadlifts 2 days ago.
still stress; still irma still icu. storm's moved west (my kids/grandkids are on the east fla coast) but its little consolation, being so far away. Hoping for the best for all.

HEAVY OHP 82#/3 (3) pr for triples!
CGBP 102#/5, 5, 4 wth? this is accessory work, almost 20% off my 1RM, i don't understand why its so hard.
LTE 40#/12, 40#/8+35#/5
Cable Pressdowns 50#/10 (3)

CYCLE 11, WEEK 2, DAY 2 9_12_17 Tuesday
HEAVY SQUAT TRIPLES Pure ****show. Did 180 last cycle.
185#/2 IDK if I ever repped this before. So I guess its an improvement.
177# slowest squat w/a dead stop halfway up for about 25 seconds, then I effing finished it. Canned!
Power Clean
88#/2 (2), 93#/2 (2), 98#/2, 108#/2, 115#/2, 120#, 125#
I give up on gravitron. Did 1 pullup, then on gravitron set at 11, did a set of 5 and 5 w/one foot down as needed
Lat Pulldowns w/curvy bar for more ROM 80#/10 (2)
Row 88#/10 (4) pronated and supinated
Curls 50#10, 50#/5+45#/6
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Old 09-15-2017, 04:38 AM   #2212
Deb Weber
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Re: deb - WOD Bod Log

CYCLE 11, WEEK 2, DAY 2 9_14_17 Thursday
Sleep: 3 hours.

OHP Light 71#/3 (5) relatively easy.
HEAVY BENCH TRIPLES Following along with the priceless app for grip & eyes; This week theres blinding new gym lighting - no pennies showed up in the glare.
113#/2 (never doubled before - yin. Failed the third rep - yang)
113# (2nd rep got stuck 3/4 of way up, 15 sec of static hold. Lowered, pushed to lap, left light 95# on to rerack - yin. Bar dragged my tanktop exposing my bra, really embarrassing - yang)
113# ditto (a gym mate insisted on helping told me ask him for a spot, said I work hard - Im beginning to think perhaps they're rooting for me - I guess its hard not to see the only old lady in there - yin; repeating this weight next cycle, yang)
Did 112# for easy triples last cycle.
Incline Bench 65#/10 (2)

yay for this board being fixed and letting me log!
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Old 09-18-2017, 06:16 AM   #2213
Deb Weber
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Re: deb - WOD Bod Log

CYCLE 11, WEEK 2, DAY 4 Triples - 9_17_17 Sunday
Squat 152#/3 (5)
Deadlift repeating 225# this month
nope. Got to 205/2 felt heavy my back that was hurting hurt.
Shrug 145#/10 (2)
Just tired, strained and pretty sure I have a rib out. Chiro Tues. I also was interrupted by my neighbor, chatting, multiple times. *sigh* Its like starting all over, so disappointing. Lot of stress, another family member lost. ugh.
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Old 09-19-2017, 04:29 PM   #2214
Deb Weber
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Re: deb - WOD Bod Log

CYCLE 11, WEEK 3, DAY 1 9_19_17 Tuesday
Still rib & back, chiro next week.

OHP wu: 45#/5 (2), 60#/5, 70#/3, 80#/2
90# s-it the bed, NOPE
CGBP IDK bench is the lift that when its coming along, some stress has happened. Havent moved my triples or single on BP, soo.....
102#/5, 4, 4
LTE 40#/10 (3)
STE 17.5#/10 ??
Cable Pressdown 40#/10, 40#/6+30#/5+20#/5 and once again 40#/6+30#/5+20#/5
C2 Rower Intervals, 20s on, 140s off
7 intervals. IDK didnt seem hard, kept the SPM at 23-25. If that's wrong I'd appreciate it if someone could set me straight please.

Note to mother nature, hurricanes, earthquakes, fires: I SAID ENOUGH!
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Old 09-21-2017, 05:21 PM   #2215
Deb Weber
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Re: deb - WOD Bod Log

CYCLE 11, WEEK 3, DAY 2 9_22_17 Thursday
*sigh*. wake/funeral fri/ sat. inlaws got in during my session. I keep my phone to use the app, but texts during squatting? no. just no.
although its another reason to train, seeing my FIL's SO who can't move alone. they're 80 and 7x. Id rather die under the squat rack!!!
SQUAT Singles
165#, 175#, 190# F, 185# 185# a **** show
88#/2 (2), 100#/2 (2), 105#/2, 110#/2, 115#, 125#, 132-133#
kinda crap, not as crisp and fast as I'd like, especially at the end. I didnt get under the 13x# well shoulda dropped more, kinda surprised haven't hit that in a while, and I didnt drop it.
Pullup one, a halfassed one. kinda done with Gravitron
Lat Pulldowns huh. I felt my lats for a change.
80#/10 (too much arm)
70#/10 (3)
Pendlay Row 88#/5 (2) not feeling lats
Dumbbell Row 17.5#/5, 20#/5 eh.
another set of lat pulldowns
Curls 50#/10 (2)

I take it back, that the board's letting me post. PITA keeps signing me in and immediately out.
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