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Old 10-21-2012, 07:44 PM   #1481
Dave Coughlin
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Re: D.C.'s CF Log, including a return to multi-sport

Patrick: You're probably right about the ME/DE stuff correlating between my Oly lifts and DLs. Before I started Outlaw about three months ago, I was consistently hitting DLs as part of 531 template. I definitely hit a plateau on DL on my last 531 cycle, so I really don't mind the time away from heavy DLs every week; I don't even mind losing a few pounds on my DL 1RM (I still got 525# last week, so it's only 10# off).

Sean: Thanks man, you know Outlaw is good stuff. I'm pretty sure I've got PRs in my oly lifts, just a matter of time to do them. In fact, I might sneak a couple tries early in tomorrow's plans. That fifth day in the Outlaw programming for the week is usually nixed by me, since I workout M-F.

Tues 10/16 FD
1) 7x1 Three-position snatch (floor, hang, hi-hang), :60RI-95/105/105/105/125/125/125
2a) 4x3x225# Halting snatch DL (stop at knees), :60 RI
2b) 4x3x145# Heaving snatch balance, :60

Wed 10/17 FD training center
1) 7x1 three-position clean + one jerk (push), :60 RI 185/185/185/205/205/205/225
2a) 4x3x275# Clean pull shrug, :60 RI
2b) 4x3x225# Push press, :60 RI (one miss, last rep of last set)
3) HBBS: 2x8x275#, 2x5x295#, 1x5x315#, 2min RI between sets

Thur 10/18 FD training ctr
1) 5x2 Vertical snatch off boxes (at hip), :60 RI 115/115/115/115/135x1 fail on final attempt
2) 5x2 Vertical clean off boxes (at hip), :60 RI 155/155/155/185/185
3a) ME HSPUs + ME kipping HSPUs, :60 RI-5/2, 3/2, 2/4
3b) 3x25 UB KB snatches (each arm), :60 RI-35# KB
3c) 3x3x95# snatch grip behind-the-neck press, :60 RI
3d) 3x15 Roman chair back extensions (sub for reverse hypers), :60

fri/sat/sun traveling....
37 y/o 240s My log
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Old 10-27-2012, 11:38 AM   #1482
Dave Coughlin
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Re: D.C.'s CF Log, including a return to multi-sport

Mon 10/22

1) 7x2 Hang Snatch-heavy, :60 RI. 5x2@115#, 2x2@135#
2a) 5x3 Three stop snatch pull-heavy, :60 RI. 185#
2b) 5x3 Heaving snatch balance-heavier than last week, :60 RI. 155#
Conditioning-for time:
-400m run, 21 pullups, 12 KB thrusters 50#
-400m run, 15 pullups, 12 KB thrusters
-400m, 9 pullups, 9 thrusters
*Nice work day to begin new cycle. Conditioning was brutal; pullups weren't an issue, but KB thrusters ruined me for the week!

Tue 10/23

1) 7x2 Hang Cleans + ONE push jerk-heaviest, :60 RI. 185/185/185/185/185/205/215
2a) 3x5 Pendlay Rows-heavy, :60 RI 155#
2b) 3x5 Split press-heavy, :60 RI 95/115/115
3) HBBS: 275x8, 295x5, 315x5, 315x5, 335x2. 2min RI
Conditioning-SEVEN rounds for total working time:
-Row 20 calories
-5 power clean & push jerks 135#
12:13 TWT
*First time doing split press, so I sandbagged a bit; won't be an issue next time. I forget how tough heavy hang cleans after that first rep, yikes. Squats were tough, too; going off a 425# 1RM is going to be much tougher than going off an old 350# 3RM for this new cycle. RX on the conditioning was 185#; I tried it for the first round, then dropped the weight after rep #2....tough one.

Wed-rest, thur-crazy busy shift at FD

Fri 10/26

Outlaw competition sim WOD
Running clock
0:00 (1) Row 500m, rest 4mins, row 500m for TWT-3:33.2 (1:37/1:54)
(2) AMRAP DUs in 4mins (rest between rows)-112
10:00(3) 10mins to find a 1RM C&J (any style)-185/225/245F/245F
20:00(4) 4RFT of 10 pullups, 25 HR pushups, 15 situps-14:45
40:00(5) 3xMax Effort Front Squats 225#-2/5/3
50:00(6) 10min AMRAP of: 400m run, 15 push press 115#-3rds +200m

Phew, tough one. Had to mod the 10 PUs for the rope climb, otherwise it was pretty much RX. I was so close on both attempts at 245# for a C&J, but I never got under the bar either time! Max Effort front squats 40mins into the workout was pretty ridiculous, man my legs were shot!
37 y/o 240s My log
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Old 11-04-2012, 09:46 AM   #1483
Dave Coughlin
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Re: D.C.'s CF Log, including a return to multi-sport

Sunday 10/28
1) 10X1 Hang Snatch (mid-thigh)-heavy w/:60 RI 95#115/115/115/115/115/115/115/125/125/125/
2a) 4x3x205# Three-stop Snatch Pull :45 RI
2b) 4x3 One Snatch Grip Behind-the-neck Push Press + One OHS 155/145/145/145

OHS are an issue for me, once the weight gets over 135#. Happy with the snatches, but I wasn't pleased with the accessory stuff.

Tuesday 10/30
1) 10x1 Hi-Hang Cleans (mid-thigh) + ONE Push Jerk-heavy, :60 RI
2a) 3x5x175# Pendlay Row-heavier than last week, :60 RI
2b) 3x5x115# Split Press-:60 RI
3) HBBS: 1x5x315#, 1x3x340#, 3x3x360#-2min RI
4) Conditioning-two rounds for total working time
5 Front squats 225#, run 400m; rest 1:1 2:40 each run
Back squats are getting tougher, since this cycle is working off 1RM vs last cycle working off 3RM.

Friday 11/2
1) Three attempts to build up to a heavy single-Snatch
45*5, 95*3; 135, 145, 155F
2) Three attempts to build up to a heavy single-C&J
155*3, 185*2; 205, 215, 235F

Saturday 11/3-Infidel Throwdown at CF FireBase
Team competition (2M, 2F)

WOD 1: 25 sandbag thrusters (50#) pp, then 800m sandbag run, then two rounds pp of 5 tire flips/10 HPCs at 120#, then 150# team Stretcher carry 800m, then 25 wall balls pp, 20 burpees pp, then a 50m team sprint to finish. 25:08 (5th in scaled division)

WOD 2: CrossFit Total
Back Squat-365, 405, 445 Fail
Press-185, 205, 215 No Rep (head came back too far)
Deadlift-475, 515, 545 Fail
Total-1125 PR for CFT
(4th in division-scoring used Sinclair formula which penalizes me for being 240#)

WOD 3: 5 separately scored 2minute AMRAPs
Row for kcals-44
45# DB snatches-38
12" lateral jumps over paralettes-no idea
pullups-22 (several no reps)
hand release pushups-25 ( I was beat)

5th place in division

I was happily retired from CF competitions, until one of FBs teams needed a fill-in. I told them I would help out with CFT, but I would be pretty much worthless on any bodyweight stuff. I didn't slow them down too much during the first long/painful chipper, which I was worried about initially. The Sinclair formula was kind of a downer, because I don't think there was anyone else in scaled who had a CFT over 1000#. I was pretty close to getting 445# on the BS, but I leaned a bit too far forward too early. The final WOD I figured to do poorly on the pullups/pushups, just because I haven't been too good at doing them quickly. We were able to score pretty well in the DB snatch/rowing skills, but I think I cost my team points in the other two events. Oh well, they seemed happy with my efforts, as was I. Now I can happily return to CF competition retirement, and focus on throwing things and wearing kilts.
37 y/o 240s My log
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