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Vic McQuaide
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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

22 seconds sweet!
Owner of Fran: 2:36 Diane: 2:30 Jackie 5:43 Mary 15+ rounds Helen 6:58
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Alex Burden
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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Monday morning and feeling ok... the weekend is way to short! Monday's are always a little harder when we need to kick start the body again after not doing so much for 2 Days.

Plan - wife's plan with a small change.

Warm up
Set up eveything for the plan

Warm up as we needed on eveything, stretching a little in between.
I would say we spent 25min on this in total.


5 rounds for time with a 30min time cap

15/10 - calories AAB
15 - sit-ups
15/10 - calories Row
15 - w-balls 6/9kgs
15/10 - calories Ski-erg
15 - KB deadlifts 16/24kgs

Wife - 4 rnds + 47 reps = 347 reps Capped
Myself - 4 rnds + 60 reps = 420 reps Capped

So i started 2min before the wife so that i could keep ahead of her as we only set up 1 of each machine. We would lose time starting the machines on each round which may have made a difference of us completing the rounds or not. This was a tough one for Monday morning and we both started to feel it during the 3rd rounds. My head was telling me to rest but i changed that and started to think i am done soon. Our first rounds were just over 6min and i was thinking we will speed up a little later and complete the rounds, that didn't happen! plus the wife was catching up with me at one point so i had to keep moving. I must that this was a good allround WOD, the flow was good.

We were both pleased even though it really sucked.

Cool down
Clean up our crap and stretch and sweat for 20min

A tough but good start to the week.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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Alex Burden
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Join Date: Jan 2014
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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Tuesday morning and a little tired. On the other hand the wife slept well and was in a good mood this morning.

Plan - Technique - Snatch

Warm up
60 cal on the rower

extensive snatch warm up though all phases of the lift, pull including snatch balance.

All in all 30min i would say

Technique - Snatch
This is the first time we snatched in a month and this is due to the fact that i pulled my shoulder/rear delt. The weight was not important at all today, its all about the bar path and getting back into this.

Focus areas:
- start position - shoulders in front of bar
- 1st then 2nd pull
- bar as vertical as possible
- elbows vertical
- catch low and safe

Wife was very rusty in the snatch. After 10-15 lifts i made a small adjustment to her start - shoulders more in front of the bar and drive the legs from the heels. All of a sudden her bar was more vertical and she landed some great lifts. She made the comment on numerous occassions that the bar now felt really light.
She moved from 15-17 and then to 18kgs and boy did they look good . The path of the bar was great and when the bar reached her hips her upper body was vertical in that perfect sitting position and from there the bar flew up.
She received the bar nice and low with no movement or signs of instability in the hole.
A very pleased wife today, i mean way more than normal, she wanted to do more but its good to finish off on a high note.

Myself i took it nice and easy from the start to get back into it and judge what was happening with my shoulder. I needed to know if it felt good or if i was causing problems again. Started at 40, went to 50 and finished at 60kgs.
Everything felt really good today and i recieved the bar in the hole perfectly in all but 1 lift. The weight felt light and i was pleased will my pulls and how vertical the bar was moving.
Wife thought it all looked good today.

In total maybe 25 lifts each

Cool down
Just to get the pulse up a little plus to use those fast twiching muscle fibers we have been using..

55 burpee box jump overs (share the load)

Then a good stretch/mobility for 20min
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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