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Pukie's Bucket Bogus threads, trolls, and other malarkey

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Kareem Mayan
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Spam spam

I'm heading down to Buenos Aires in a week for two months and would love to connect with any Crossfitters to work out. Anybody out there?

Hi there,

Doing some research for a blog post and I'm looking for the price of tickets for the 2008 CrossFit games. Haven't been able to find 'em anywhere... does anybody know how much they were?

Thanks in advance!


Hey everybody,

A buddy and I thought it would be cool to see a visual depiction of the CrossFit games, so we created one (with a designer pal who also does CrossFit).

Check it out:

I've attached a small version because of attachment size restrictions, but you can see the full-sized version here:

Hope you find it useful and would love any feedback!



@David - thanks!

@Matt - thanks. finding some of this info was tough; finding the total participants was something we couldn't track down. Definitely looks odd that the # of competitors in the finals decreased from 08, but we figured the prize money and spectators would make up for it.

@Alex - Thanks for reposting! CG is a little service we've built to help people find boxes near them. It was built from the pain of traveling and trying to find a box in unfamiliar cities.

@Matt Rainwater - we'd be honored - thanks!

@Jenni - thanks!

Hey all,

The team over at surveyed 200+ athletes about what they want in a CrossFit gym.

We compiled the results into a free ebook, which contains the data, analysis, and things you can do *today* to improve your gym.

Thought some of you would find it useful:

You can download the free report here.



Oops, thanks Travis. Definitely safe for work!

Let's try that again - you can download the report here.

@Scott - we had athletes from Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Japan, the US, and Canada answer the survey.

@Ron - glad you enjoyed!

@Nalin - seems to be working ok... you can also get it at (safe for work).

@Erik glad you found it useful. Lots more coming so stay tuned BTW - love your "two at a time" quote!

Hey gang,

My team over at SocialWOD just released another report.

It's for gym owners who want to help their athletes reach their full potential by setting goals... and grow their gym with the word-of-mouth referrals this generates.

We researched goal-setting to learn about the whys, hows, and barriers, and it's all in this ebook. (Safe for work)

We hope it helps you create an army of Fran-beaters so your gym grows to a size you never thought possible!



PS> All feedback is welcome!

Hey Camille,

Sorry, this isn't intended as advertising. It's a *free* report for the benefit of Affiliate owners. Can you help me understand why this is considered advertising so I don't run afoul of this rule in the future?

Thanks much.

Hi all,

My team just released a free report in conjunction with Dawn Fletcher about how to improve your athletes' mental toughness.

You'll learn things like:

* Three ways to improve your mental toughness today
* Three coaching techniques to help your athletes become more mentally tough

And lots more.

You can grab the report here: (safe for work)

Comments and feedback are always appreciated.



PS> Just to be clear, we're not advertising the sale of any goods or services - this is a free report with no obligation.

The guys at (safe for work) do excellent work. Spealler's brother in law runs the company. It's Wordpress-based stuff and while it may be a little pricier, a) in my experience you get a premium product, and b) they offer *tons* of advice about how to optimize running your business.

I don't get benefits from them, just thought I'd share.

I'll second (safe for work). Had great experiences with them, and it's relatively high quality given the low price.

Hi all,

The crew here at SocialWOD just launched a new, free guide for box owners and CrossFit athletes.

It covers the science of sleep, how sleep helps athletes recover, and provides actionable tips on improving sleep hygiene, all with a focus on improving your WOD performance.

You can grab is here (it's free): (Safe for work)
Comments and feedback are always appreciated.



PS> Just to be clear, we're not advertising the sale of any goods or services - this is a free report with no obligation.

Hey Eric,

You can always unsubscribe. Thousands of people have enjoyed the free and useful guides and emails we send -- like our Top 10 lists: (SFW) -- without unsubscribing.

Hi all,

The gang over here at xxxxx is giving away two gold tickets to the 2013 Games.

You can enter here (it takes about 5 seconds):


PS> Just to be clear, we're not advertising the sale of any goods or services - this is a free contest with no obligation.

Sorry, smells spammy. Next time ask a mod first.
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