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Old 08-09-2009, 07:47 AM   #11
John McEneany
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Re: Anderson Silva the best??...!!...

Originally Posted by Tobias W. Neal View Post
Something about the fight was well...wrong. I have watched Forrest become bloody and pummled and still fight on. He was knocked down in weak ways both times. He tried to stop fighting the first time if you watch him and then again falls down and shakes his hands a second time, without being barely hit, then takes for the door and "runs" to the dressing room.

I think this fight was fixed plain and simple, I tried to put myself in Forrest shoes; if I knew it was fixed I wouldn't have wanted to face the cameras and try to look legit. If you think that fighting, in Las Vegas, with very interesting odds isn't influenced I would say that you are naive.

His actions are so uncharacteristic of Forrest...I say look for a rematch within the next 5 UFC's and it be spun as Forrest trying to get his honor back or something to that effect. I hate to say it but I wouldn't put it past Dana to create drama so that UFC sells.
I too think it was fixed. I also say that the weighin weights are fixed.
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Old 08-09-2009, 09:07 AM   #12
Ryan Hoegner
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Re: Anderson Silva the best??...!!...

anderson is on another level.
Orange, CA
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Old 08-09-2009, 09:51 AM   #13
Jason R O'Dell
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Re: Anderson Silva the best??...!!...

Wow you people that are calling fixed's kind of making me laugh.
No way it was fixed, UFC has too much riding on their reputation and too much riding on building the sport to risk getting caught fixing fights.

Forrest's jaw was messed up, Andreson Silva is the best fighter in the world, Anderson tooled Forrest. Why is that hard to accept?
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Old 08-09-2009, 11:34 AM   #14
Celio Silva
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Re: Anderson Silva the best??...!!...

Run Forrest run sorry, couldn't resist...

Nothing fixed about last night fight at all! The only thing fixed was people's head into thinking Forrest had a chance against Silva. The UFC hyper machine did a GREAT job yet again promoting a fight destined to be as one-sided as possible as being competitive. What blows me away is how people bought into.

I watched the fight with a group of people at a client's house and just before the fight started I said: " I think people are gonna be dissapointed because they expect a tough fight but Forrest is going down on the first round in ridiculous fashion". Some people looked at me as if I was crazy. Then everyone looked like this when the following happened: (W/FS depending whether you consider MMA fights W/FS)

I mean, how did everyone not see this happening?? It was Danas' plan all along!
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Old 08-09-2009, 04:30 PM   #15
Jason R O'Dell
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Re: Anderson Silva the best??...!!...

PHILADELPHIA – Hours after the most electrifying domination in a career filled with them, deep in a back hallway of the Wachovia Center, Anderson Silva was waiting for Dana White. Silva is the UFC’s middleweight (185-pound) champion but Saturday he boldly moved up 20 pounds and in a jaw-dropping exhibition, brutalized Forrest Griffin, who just nine months ago was the light heavyweight (205) title holder.

Silva knocked Griffin down twice, offered a hand to help him up once and then promptly floored him again for good at 3:23 of the first round of UFC 101. Most remarkably, he did it with a punch he threw while backpedaling.

It was a complete annihilation. Griffin failed to land a single punch and when he came to his senses, he sprung up and ran from the octagon, trying to push through a doctor’s examination.

“He might be in Georgia by now, he ran out and I haven’t seen him since,” White, the UFC president, joked.

That Silva could move up a weight class and not just win, but destroy with power, was a game-changing and perhaps UFC-altering moment. That’s what Silva and his manager, Ed Soares, wanted to discuss with White.

With his arm wrapped around White’s shoulder, Soares leaned in and delivered a proposition. “Spider” Silva would move permanently to light heavyweight, even if it meant the unorthodox move of giving up his middleweight belt.

“I can do that,” White smiled, a bit stunned at the offer. “I like that. We can do that.”

Soares smiled and shook White’s hand. Silva had been accosted by a fan by then and couldn’t hear White, but it was presumably the news he was seeking. The man has such outrageous confidence in his abilities he’s willing to potentially toss away a championship he’s owned for almost three years to take a challenge outside his comfort zone.

“I’d let him,” White said later, sitting in his quiet dressing room. “We’d put [the middleweight title] up for grabs.”

The hour was late and everyone’s excitement was still high. Perhaps plans and goals change by morning, so White didn’t know what to say officially. This was still just hurried talk. He knew this much though, as a promoter there are more blockbuster fights for Silva at 205 than 185, where he’s beaten everyone of note.

Silva’s next title defense was supposed to be against Dan Henderson, who Silva savagely choked out in March 2008.

“Who knows,” White said, wheels already spinning. “We’ll see what happens. In the talks I’ve had with Anderson, he wants to take on the best in the world. He’s the most talented fighter in the world, the best pound for pound fighter and it’s a joke to say anyone else is. And he wants to continue to prove [it].”

White thought for a moment.

“He would jump in that mix [at the top of the light heavyweight division],” White said. “You’ve got Rashad [Evans], you’ve got Rampage [Jackson], [Lyoto] Machida is the champion. And Tito [Ortiz] is in the mix now.”

If Silva did vacate the middleweight title to move up full time, the ironic thing is that he claims it wouldn’t be to pursue the light heavyweight belt. At least as long as it was held by Machida, a fellow Brazilian and training partner.

“Lyoto is my friend, he is my brother and there is no way that fight will ever happen,” Silva said.

White, coveting a clash between two men who are both unbeaten in UFC competition, brushes that talk aside.

“I’ll make it happen,” White said winking his eye. “It’s not even about money. It’s about proving you’re the best, it’s about securing your place in history. It’s about putting on a super fight that fans want to see.

“I’m all about making big fights that fans want to see.”

Saturday was one of those fights. Silva was motivated by criticism that his last two fights – both victories mind you ¬– were dull, so he gladly moved up to take on a dangerous Griffin, who was known for his attack dog style.

It was intriguing, at least until Silva started toying with Griffin. He knocked Griffin down at will, dared him to connect with a punch, challenged him to be as tough as his reputation and then finally just finished him.

Coming in there was a “Rocky” element to the fight, Griffin the heavy underdog with the Philly crowd firmly behind him and booing Silva. By the end, Griffin was gone and Silva was being cheered. It was the recognition of brilliance overcoming any easy Hollywood storylines.

“He wants to be involved in the biggest fights we can put together,” Soares said.

The fact Silva took this fight is a testament to that. The Brazilian is 25-4 overall and has won all 10 of his fights in the UFC. At age 34, he could’ve sat at middleweight and potentially won 10 more, making nice money with relatively little risk in a division he’s been untouchable in.

That isn’t him though. Not even close.

So not long after stunning the sport with a legendary performance, there he and his manager were, trying to force a back-hall huddle with the UFC kingmaker. Move Silva to light heavyweight for good, they suggested to White.

With nothing left to prove at middleweight, Anderson Silva now wants to lay waste to a whole new division of the UFC. He doesn’t need a belt to prove a thing.
That's insane.

I think Hendo had the best shot of knocking him off at 185 and even though I'm a huge Silva fan I was kind of excited to see him and Hendo hook it up again.

I'm pretty sure there's nothing Dana can do to make him and Machida fight each other after what I've read about the two. Which means this move doesn't make sense.
Because Machida is going to lay waste to this division because there's nobody that can challenge him.
And honestly, there's nobody else in the division (save maybe Rampage b/c of how hard he hits) that can challenge Silva.
So they're both basically going to destroy everyone in the division but never fight. They'll both kill every other contender.

And I think a Machida/Silva fight would be boring as hell. I know earlier I said it'd be good but after thinking more about it I think it'd suck.
Machida likes to counter-attack and wait for people to come after him. For the most part Silva likes to measure his opponent and wait for them to come after him.
So basically you'll have these two guys waiting for the other to come after them. There'd be a lot of circling and jabbing in that fight.

And mark my words. Machida's title fights are going to eventually get as bad as Anderson's last two. He won't outright embarrass his opponents on purpose like Silva, but Machida likes you to come after him. Eventually someone is going to quit coming after him and it's going to be BORING because Machida will throw what he can when the guy does get close, but he's not going to hunt the guy down.
People got smart and quit chasing Silva and it produced two clunkers where Silva embarrassed them.
People will quit coming after Machida too.
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Old 08-09-2009, 04:38 PM   #16
Cole Mcnabb
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Re: Anderson Silva the best??...!!...

I admire Silva and Forrest, I dont think the fight was fixed, but I do believe it was tailored for Silva because of his last two fights being so lackluster! Forrest was a lamb for slaughter to bring Silva and the UFC back into the spotlight. The same thing happened with an aged coming back from retirement Coture fought Lesnar, Dana needed someway to try and make Lesnar credible so they rolled out the lamb for that one as well.
I really don't like Dana and the UFC sometimes. Dana seems shady in his treatment of certain fighters. I dont think the fight was fixed though.
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Old 08-09-2009, 06:03 PM   #17
Jason R O'Dell
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Re: Anderson Silva the best??...!!... (WFS) (WFS)

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Old 08-09-2009, 06:14 PM   #18
Kenneth A Hinz
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Re: Anderson Silva the best??...!!...

Originally Posted by Jason R O'Dell View Post
LOL...Have to give props for that
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Old 08-09-2009, 06:36 PM   #19
Jason Lopez-Ota
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Re: Anderson Silva the best??...!!...

I would like to see all of the smack talkers get into the UFC.
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Old 08-09-2009, 07:47 PM   #20
Michael DeLuca
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Re: Anderson Silva the best??...!!...


no chance.
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