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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Old 12-17-2015, 04:18 PM   #1
Eric Stiller
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Hip Labrum tear

So one day squatting I got a sharp pain in hip flexor area at bottom and same at top when squeezing glutes....bla bla bla.....ended up getting Mra and showed this....
The MRI shows a tear of the superior labrum. There is also signal abnormality at the gluteus minimus and gluteus medius tendon insertions, consistent with strain or chronic degenerative change at these locations. Otherwise, the MRI was negative. There was no bursitis or other abnormality associated with the iliopsoas tendon

Felt like world ended after reading that result in middle of night....started reading everything in labrum tears scaring the hell out of myself feeling like I'll never be same again....I've never had a surgery or plan to...I go to doctor so he can explain Mri and he shows me a tiny circle that's my "tear" but says my symptoms don't match the tear symptoms....I figured it's a combo of a couple things anyway.....he also said if he did a mri on a bunch of people he would probably find something like this or worse in a lot of them....he put me in pt to see what happens with that...

So I left dr. Feeling better thinking my "tear" isn't a big deal and probably had it for a long time without started to feel like I'll get back to the heavy weights again.....then I go to physical therapy and he says I'll probably never be the same and it's never going to heal without surgery....and starts freaking me out question I have about all this is

1. When do you worry about a torn labrum? I mean if I can start lifting again without pain should I ignore it or will I cause more problems in future?

Obviously have to address why it happened or else could continue to get worse but diagnosing hip labrum tears seems to be a new fad for dr's now. It's confusing what to do since they don't really heal themselves. The dr's I have access to are your average wish you could be talking to someone like starrett and get straight answers but they don't help much....either it needs surgery or it don't with them.

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Old 12-22-2015, 08:58 AM   #2
Andrew Gillie
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Re: Hip Labrum tear

Had a similar problem. In the end it was a matter of them finding a labrum tear while looking for the real problem. In the end we decided to leave the labrum tear alone since it wasn't the main issue right now. I'll need a new hip eventually but my hope is to hold it off long enough to see a lot of improvements in that procedure.
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Zach Long
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Re: Hip Labrum tear

Find another PT if that guy tells you from the start he doesn't think you'll get back to doing what you were. Unfortunately, it sounds like they don't understand how impactful their words can be which has obviously scared the crap out of you.

Hip labral tears are so unbelievably common in NON-SYMPTOMATIC people that I would try to calm yourself first and quit freaking out.

Search (WFS) and see if there are any providers near you
Doctor Of Physical Therapy, Writer for CrossFit Journal, NASM-PES, Cert.DryNeedling
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