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Vic McQuaide
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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

No fight in Friday's workout. Saturday did not feel like working out so lazy day. Celebrated my old gym's 5th birthday party. Great to see the folks as always.

Sunday- warm up with rope climbs and rowing. Total of 5k rowing, some AA Bike, 10 r climbs and 16 mu. Was good form. Did 7 reps un broken.

Learned how to have a micro rest on the bottom. MU take so much energy for me. I have to learn how to coast a bit to allow my mu endurance to build.

Took the boat out on the San Vincente lake. Great day, sunset, anchor a bit. Finally the boat performed well on this lake. Lake Hodges is next week. It a bigger lake about 20 miles away.

Going to go back and see the training for the Granite Games qualifier. I was going well for that one.

Wodapolluza qualifier- 6 workouts
Wodapolluza event- 8 workouts
Open- 5 workouts
MQ- 4 workouts
Granite Games qualifier- 7 workouts
Granite games- 8 workouts
Games- 8 workouts-

So have estimated 45 plus workouts left in the the next 11 months. Not that bad if you mind set it like this.
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Vic McQuaide
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Join Date: Nov 2011
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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Went over the last few months of working out-
Last planned goals in May 2018-

Must have fun working out- for the most part yes have been doing this.

Must stay as injury free as possible- (only one speeding ticket working with the 180lb sand bag then heavy cleans the day prior.)

Start doing more comps again. (Yes did this) Doing one on May 19th- (completed this one) Signing up for the Granite Games qualifier in June. (yes did this one.)

Meeting with Coach Kyle 2x's per week to train with him. I have been my best when training with him over the years but get injured. So will have to scale on the heavy stuff. - (Only one session on the lake with him. But did do some granite games qualifiers with him.)

Coach Corey has taking a slight interest in me so will do some training with him. He swims each Thursday will have to do this with him. (not so much)

I have my pick out of the hat 5-6 days a week. Each ticket has a movement that I do 50 reps of. (did not do this much maybe 3 times)

Training for King Kong. So that will improve my deadlift. (stopped the training for it when I realized I won't have to do this as a 50 year old)

Going on vacations a bunch this year. Will help my mental side.(yes totally did this- went to Colorado, Canada twice, Big Bear, Lakes around SD)

Have a Rogue Echo and a ghd in my shop so will hit those a bunch.(did this for a while, I should take the Echo to the gym)

Doing the class workouts along with the other stuff 4 days per week. (did this for a bit, need to start to do it again)

Going to take a complete day off on Thursday. (completed this well)

My strength program is going to come from the floor. So front squats rep one will be the first front squat. OHS will be from the first squat snatch. (not so much)

Continue to do my 2800 meters each day along with the echo bike. (completed 1,000,000 meters goal in 365 days)

Get on a diet and lose 10 lbs or so.(lost 5-6 lbs so far)

Going to take my boat out to an island near me and workout with sand bags, stand up paddle, run, and yoga.(been taking the boat out but not in the salt water, maybe have to find another place to do this.)

How will I judge myself and progress. (good run on last few months)

Comps will tell me alot. How interested I am into going in the pain cave? (won the Granite Games, big comp but didn't have to go into the pain cave but only once and that was for less than a min)

Next goal is to train hard for the Wodapollaza Qual next month. Starting Oct 3rd. 16 days from now. Then do that comp in Jan, Open, MQ, Granite games again then the push God willing to the Games for that top step. That is the plan.

Start dead lifting again
Wall balls to warm up in the office, hip circle, ohs with my 25# db
Strict work, c2b, dips, t2b
Get that snatch back
Ghd and echo bike

Monday- long warm up at office, DL then the class workout
Tuesday- long warm up at the office, Snatch work, class workout
Wed- long endurance work with Club 777, then class workout
Thursday- off
Friday- long warm up at office, DL sumo and class workout
Saturday- AM workout with the beasts
Sunday- rope climbs, ghd's and Mu (choice of aab, air runner, ski erg or rowing) Boat ride
Owner of Fran: 2:36 Diane: 2:30 Jackie 5:43 Mary 15+ rounds Helen 6:58
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