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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Old 10-12-2011, 05:15 AM   #1
Elizabeth Hall
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Teres Minor~Alot of pain

Monday I did Nancy. I didn't rx b/c my OHS is quite awful anyway due to lack of flexiblity. On Tuesday, my back (teres minor) seemed a little sore but nothing horrible. Today I'm in quite a bit of pain, almost brings me to tears actually. I'm having alot of pain when I do these things: turning the steering wheel, reaching straight out in front of me, ANYTHING overhead but especially the Teres Stretch causes impingment and my pinky and ring finger to go numb, leaning forward and allowing my arms to dangle causes pain, forcing my shoulder back into the correct position (I have rounded shoulders :/). I can pinpoint exactly where the pain, so it's definately not a general pain. I know you all aren't doctors, however has anyone else experienced this? I'm wondering if it's just a case of a strain or if I did something worse. I don't want to go to the doctor if in a few days it'll be better.
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Old 10-14-2011, 03:22 AM   #2
Tim Huntley
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Re: Teres Minor~Alot of pain

Hey Elizabeth,

Hope the pain in your Teres Minor has calmed down a bit. Please check out my response to Andrew in the thread about "Trying to understand muscle knots." I think there is a good chance that you have "angered" some muscles and they have shortened/knotted up, so some trigger point with a lacrosse ball might help.

BUT, even though you feel the pain just in a specific spot, also check out out your Infraspinatus and your lats for potential trigger points. And it might sound odd, but also check your pecs on the side with the pain (especially since you say you have rounded shoulders - I have the same issue). If the pecs get overworked/overused, they can pull the shoulder forward and this will cause A LOT of pain in the both Teres Minor and Infraspinatus (because they are being stretched out). Release the trigger point in the pec, and life improves.

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Old 10-14-2011, 02:34 PM   #3
Aaron Gainer
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Re: Teres Minor~Alot of pain

Set up a stretching and massage program for your body. Find out whats tight and loosen it up.

In the case of this thread, I would be massaging/stretching the pectoral muscles(mainly the minor but don't negate the whole region), and rolling your thoracic spine with a pvc pipe and/or two lacrosse balls taped together.

Don't negate this stuff. I responded to your other thread on the running issue. If you train hard, you need to recover hard especially if you plan on creating longevity out of a fitness program.
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Old 10-16-2011, 01:04 PM   #4
Brent Sallee
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Re: Teres Minor~Alot of pain

The nerve symptoms cannot be caused by teres minor strain. However, they can be caused by having an anteriorly displaced humerus on the glenoid. That anterior displacement can impinge on the brachial plexus and hit a variety of nerves (for you, the ulnar nerve). That can be a pretty complex problem of inflexibility, rotator cuff weakness, etc. You may also have a teres minor strain in addition to that so your shoulder problems are seeming a bit more complicated than first suspected. I'd personally suggest going to see a physical therapist if it continues bothering you.
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