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Injuries Chronic & Acute

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Joel Godfrey
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Larger new crossfitter dealing with knee pain??

Quick bit of background info then questions...

Cousin has been crossfitting for 10 weeks. He was 6'2" 330# starting out. Did all of the wrong things, soda smoking etc. Has REALLY taken off with x-fit and is down around 300 lbs now with 100x the work capacity of when he started.

He is now doing full workouts...only problem we are having is with his knees. Running, weighted squats, and heavy lifts that involve a lot of legs make his knees incredibly sore (they hurt to bend etc). He insists they are not injured, but that they just "hurt" badly.

Any ideas? Possibly just a lot of weight on knees that haven't done anything the past 15 years? Flexibility issues? The pounding on his legs that are used to being sedentary? He is very strong naturally...and is improving and changing rapidly, but I don't want true injury or discouragement.

Thanks for any info!!!
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Brian Strump
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Re: Larger new crossfitter dealing with knee pain??

Here's the thing about weight and your knees. Will it help if some additional weight was lost, possibly.....BUT what about the 110 pound soaking wet girl that complains of similar knee pain?

It's more likely a combination of biomechanical factors playing a role, or weak hips. Without seeing him, that's the best I can do. Number 1 problem we see would be knees not tracking over the toes. This could be caused by a few factors, commonly weak hips, or just plain lazy.
Brian Strump, D.C., FMS, NKT
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