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Health and Medical Issues For other than injuries

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Old 09-20-2012, 08:07 AM   #1
Jose Soriano
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Many issues

So I have many, many things wrong with me

I have sciatica
- slight hamstring and heel after impact on feet like box jumps

lower back pain (had a spinal tap that missed and poked the muscle several times [intern])
& hyperlordosis
- just general pain

ankle coalition (not sure if calcaneonavicular or talocalcaneal, but I think talo)
- restricts ankle movement/flexibility making squats a little more difficult, and bad squat hurts my middle back

broken wrist (healed)
- limited motion and increased sensitivity makes overhead stuff, and especially cleans painful at times (with cleans I simply can't bend my wrist back far enough to rest on my shoulders)

arthritis in wrists
- impact and weight on bent wrist when putting hands back down during shoudler touches hurts

straight neck / square shoulders
- bar high on back / neck hurts bone (this is probably just me doing something wrong tho)

multidirectional instability (double jointed) of the shoulders
- makes it hard to balance the bar during OHS since my shoulders just kinda fall out of the sockets (I never thought of this as a problem until OHS)

and just for kicks - plantar fascitis and 2 cervical (extra) ribs because without them the party just wouldn't be complete.

Anyway, I"m digging crossfit, but I'm clearly having some problems. I think opening the hips a little more will help with squats which is my big concern because it seems to be one of the most important exercises, plus the already lots of back pain. I can get down, but it seems like my center of gravity is too far back, but my ankles don't let me shift forward. But yesterday the wrists started up on me, and box jumps were worrying my ankle so here I am -

I don't want to quit, and won't unless it's a health danger, but I also don't want to hurt myself unnecessarily so I'm wondering if any of you good folks have any experience or practical suggestions for any of the issues I have? If not, I'll take an aspirin and get on with it lol

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Old 10-05-2012, 02:05 PM   #2
Jose M. Perez
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Re: Many issues

I have had sciatica and plantar fascitis. Both of these can be caused by tightness in the legs. For plantar fascitis, stretching the calf muscles can be a big help. Take a look at MobilityWOD or just google calf stretch. Sciatica can be caused by a muscle tightening across a nerve. You will have to try a variety of stretches. Toe touches work for me. Most of the applicable stretches will be static, so make sure to be thoroughly warmed up before you start stretching. Good luck!
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Old 10-06-2012, 09:20 PM   #3
Helen M Brennan
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Re: Many issues

well if it were me i would be heading off for some serious sports physio and trigger point therapy..

I keep the body moving by including regualr sports massage ( incl triggerpoint) and i think i should pitch a tent in my physios carpark i spend so much time there.. but it is keeping me together and i am getting loads stronger

you don't drown by falling into water. you drown by staying there. Edwin Louis Cole
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Old 10-18-2012, 09:17 AM   #4
Jose Soriano
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Join Date: Aug 2012
Location: New York  NY
Posts: 103
Re: Many issues

Originally Posted by Jose Soriano View Post
So it's been a month since I posted this and figured I would follow up with some of what I've learned.

Sciatica / lower back pain / hyper lordosis -
I've been doing stretches and exercises for hyperlordosis and it's actually helped a great deal with the sciatica as well. Happy coincidence.

The main benefits I've gotten from laying on my back and bringing my knees to my chest (Foetal Stretch) but with my knees apart and head down so the bend/stretch is in my lower back. I do this mildly just enough so it's a pleasant stretch not back breaking or anything.

The other is stretching the hip flexors as they're apparently a direct contributor to hyperlordosis. Link here. It's apparently good for the knees too. Haven't noticed, but I haven't been as good about this as I should have.

The main thing is doing it consistently and constantly. It's all supposed to be like 3 times a day every day forever or something. I'm really bad about it, so I get great noticeable effects for like a day, then I'm crippled again the next. Someone else out there with the same troubles would probably benefit more than my irresponsible self lol.

Ankle coalition -
Not much I can do about this, but it's surprisingly gotten better. I think I've gotten used to the movements now, my squats have gotten much better, so maybe flexibility has improved. It still throbs with pain occasionally, but about as much as it did before crossfit so zero sum is a bonus considering all the exertion now.

Broken Wrist -
I got a wrist wrap, which helps a little, but my wrist hurts like hell sometimes. My flexibility is increased, but it's weaker in some motions like if I put weight on it wrong. I can live with it, but I imagine it'll probably get worse. I can do cleans and whatever with little to no pain tho.

Arthritis -
Also zero sum. Still there but not much worse than pre-crossfit. Sometimes better actually, so I suppose my body is adjusting. I've heard conflicting stories of weight training's effects on arthritis and bone density, but in my experience it seems to be helping a little.

Straight neck / square shoulders -
It was me doing something wrong. I had to a adjust a little, now I'm ok.

Multidirectional Instability -
Ironically, OHS, Power Jerks and the like are good for this since it's essentially weak muscles in the shoulder area. They've gotten stronger. Yay!

The plantar fasciitis has gotten better... somehow. No idea, just has. Maybe the other stretching, but I doubt it, since I wasn't good about it, and my calves are still rocks from knots and unhappiness. Or maybe I'm less fat. I even ran a mile and was fine afterwards.

So, essentially, push through good people!! Safely and responsibly of course, but it seems if you can bear with some of the pain and frustration, focus on good form and getting fit, you're body will take care of you.

I'm looking into the serious sports physio tho, especially since the hip flexor and foetal stretches are straight out of physiotherapy recommendations so I want to see what other magic they may have in their bag of tricks after proper examination.
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