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Digital Coaching Post pictures or movies for critique and coaching

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Arden Cogar Jr.
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Re: Backsquat critique, 5 @ 275

The reps with 245 were much better. Agreed with the others on knees out. I also find that to think of driving with the outstep of your foot and heel helps this visualization even a bit further. It may help to turn your toes out a tad more as well.

Can you squat in the high bar position with a slightly wider stance? I've found that when I HB I have to narrow my stance comparatively to LB. But I purposely change my stance with each set to provide a different stimulus (including the toes out - feet forward).

Good luck. Keep up the good work.

All the best,
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Old 03-01-2012, 04:48 PM   #12
Nik Nichols
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Re: Backsquat critique, 5 @ 275

The last set you posted is getting deeper. Good for that. Things I noticed.

First hands. Hands wrisets, forearms should all be in a straight line. Wrist under the bar means there is weight on the wrist and transfered to the elbow. Which cane mean pain. You will try to support the weight with your hands, wrist and arms, not good.

Like I said, line your arm wrist hand in a line. The weight should be on the back with the hands pinning it there. The load should be on the back.

arms and back. Elbow up shoulders back, back should be straight. If your elbow are down or not tige and up, the weight can go forward like it did on some of your reps driving your butt up first.

Feet, I think feet / heels should be shoulder width apart, toes out. after picking up the bar with your shoulders back weight on shoulders hands ONLY pinning the bar, feet about shoulder width apart. Take a deep breath and hold it. hips first and as soon as you bend at the hips DRIVE the knees out and keep them out the whole time down and up.

Drop the weight or in your warmup to the heavys practice this. You squat seem not tight. You are handeling the weight well enough as it is, al little focus and you will be adding alot more weight.
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