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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Chris Mannion
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Re: Starting Strength or Starting Crossfit?

Originally Posted by Michael Dries View Post
Also, move the creatine and glutamine immediately post workout or just before bed on rest days.
What effect does moving these to the end of the day have rather than spacing out pre/post workout?

Originally Posted by Eric Montgomery View Post
If you need to maintain some conditioning while getting stronger, which sounds like the case with your fitness test, CFFB would be a good program. If you just care about getting stronger faster, SS would work. Either way, pick a program and commit to it fully and you'll see results.
I had never heard of CFFB before it was mentioned a few times in this thread. After looking at it I really like the idea. Though your point about getting stronger faster is valid. Would there be much of a difference between doing a CFFB routine rather than a SS? I've noticed that much of the strength work at the novice level is similar to the SS work but takes into account the DWOD.

Originally Posted by James White View Post (WFS with some cursing)

Thanks for the link - the post was very informative and almost a glimpse into the future of frustrations I would have in a couple of years time if I would have blindly gone ahead with normal CF (still the skinny guy in the gym etc).

I said I would take the advice onboard and first day results are posted below. The lack of a proper squat rack in the gym is a frustration so I have to use the Smith machine. I'm aware that the movement is not ideal and I am losing some of the benefits; but I only have 3 more weeks before I go home to a better gym and I figured that something is better than nothing.


Squat (on Smith): Worked up to 3x5 at 65kg
Bench Press: Worked up to 3x5 at 62.5kg
Deadlift: Worked up to 3x5 at 90kg

I was a little disappointed with my performance. Mitigating factors may be that I was still recovering from a tough circuit session on Wed and I'm just getting over a dose of manflu. The important thing is that the benchmark is now set and I can increase the weight each time - I'm thinking 5kg each time on the Squat and Deadlift and 2.5kg each time on the Bench Press. Seeing 90kg loaded for the deadlift was a big motivation for me!


I tried to double what I normally eat and the result was as follows:

Breakfast: 4 Slices brown toast, covered in scrambled egg (estimate about 5 eggs), bowl of fruit, grapefruit juice, cod liver oil with vitamins

Morning Snack (Pre-Workout): Double heaped scoop of whey protein with creative, 2 bananas (I had to fill the shaker to the top with water just to get it to mix).

Lunch (Post-Workout): 4 Pieces of Fish, ladle of baked beans, bowl of salad, bowl of fruit with yoghurt.

Afternoon Snack: As morning but with glutamine instead of creatine and apple instead of bananas.

Dinner: Two fists worth of meat with some veg and noodles to fill the plate (I rarely have any high-gi carbs - this was a special occasion).

I couldn't stomach anything else in the evening as I ate fairly late. I was also uncomfortable for much of the day due to eating so much - I found that hot green tea seemed to soothe this somewhat. Though I'm already noticing that it was a little easier to eat the same quantity at lunch today.

Depending on how I'm feeling tomorrow I will either do the second SS workout or wait until Monday. I am also considering moving on to the CFFB routine instead (starting Mon) depending on feedback.

If I stay on SS, is it advisable to do any other conditioning work to keep my cardio fitness up?
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Eric Montgomery
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Re: Starting Strength or Starting Crossfit?

Yes, CFFB is different than SS because CFFB includes conditioning. SS is designed as a stand-alone barbell training program. SS plus conditioning is not SS and will not work for you for long. SS's volume is such that adding any conditioning or anything else to it will mess up your recovery and stunt your gains. CFFB is designed with slightly lower strength volume so you can continue doing metcons. The CFFB amateur program will resemble a linear progression because as a beginning lifter, you're capable of adding weight to the bar for every workout. Don't think that college or pro will get you stronger faster--the opposite is true because a beginner lifter will usually progress faster on a beginner program rather than an intermediate or advanced program that focuses on gains on a weekly or monthly basis.
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