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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Old 01-26-2009, 12:37 AM   #1
Wim Lokate
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Times to train MA

I am a martial artist and have tried everything to supplement my MA training.
I mean in the form off strenghttraining etc.
I have done all kind off so called bodybuilding routines etc. etc.
I even have tried Crossfit for a while but then I saw another srengthtraining routine I thought this one was the best because a so called famous MA-er used them to.
But that didnt work for me, maybay its my age, 48 years, that I dont like to do all these bodybuilder routines. Most off the time I ended up training more for strength than training my MA.
The great thing about Crossfit it that it is always different but the problem was that with some WODs I couldnt do it. For example when you have to do 100 pull-ups, so I stopped with the WOD's. But every time I come back to this because I like it still. Can I train MA after or before the WODs because training two time a day is to much for me?
How do you guys do that, I mean train the WODs and your MA (or other sports)?

And do you have to do the special warming-up or can you do just do another warming-up with jumping jacks orso because the warming-up takes a few minutes to?

Last question, in one workout there was walking 50 feet with a overhead barbell, how many steps is 50 feet?

Again, the important question is how do you guys incoperate your WOD's with your other training, in my case MA if you cant train two times a day and without training for hours a day?
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Old 01-26-2009, 08:53 AM   #2
Steven Low
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Re: Times to train MA

1. Train your MMA and then add CF into your schedule as much as possible. If you're training 4-5x a week you might be only able to add in CF once or twice depending on your ability to recover. It depends on YOUR abilities here.. not someone elses...

If you're feeling run down then by all means skip a WOD or rest or something.

2. Mark off 50 feet on your driveway or something.
Posts are NOT medical, training, nutrition info
Bodyweight Article, Overcoming Gravity Book
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Old 01-26-2009, 11:38 AM   #3
Ned Ferguson
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Re: Times to train MA

It sounds to me like you are allowing yourself to be beat mentally. It sucks to be 48 (I'm 47). I am a nidan blackbelt. IMO Crossfit is the absolute best fitness training for martial arts out there. MA is all about functional fitness. I only wish I knew 25 years ago what I know now. I would have been a lot more badass in my competition days. Stick with it.

IMO you should be able to do CF along with MA with no problem. It depends on what kind of MA training you are doing. If your training consists of Kata, drills, and light sparring I don't think it should be a bid deal, especially if you are alternating days on those things.

You need to learn the concept of scaling. If you can't do the pullups, do negatives, or do jumping or assisted pullups. On those days where I have to do 150 pullups because I am subbing for muscle-ups, I accomplish it by doing 3 or 4 pullups at a time, rest, do 3 or 4 more. It may take 45 min. but I get it done.

If it is a high-rep day including something like 300 squats like I did the other day, I skip the CFWU. If it is a low-rep heavy day, I do it.

You can scale any workout to make it doable, yet still intense for you. Start slow and ramp it up. Nobody does the workouts as rx'd immediately. Make sure your diet is good and stick with CF. You can do this.
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Old 01-27-2009, 05:26 AM   #4
Wim Lokate
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Join Date: Nov 2004
Location: Raalte  Overijssel
Posts: 136
Re: Times to train MA

Okay, thank you guys. I was always wondering how it would be possible to do all these pull-ups for example. Now I know I have to work to it.
Thanks very much for your replays.

By the way, I am a martial arts instructor. I have a black belt in different styles but the last few years I am concentrating on Jeet Kune Do espacialy the fight in the streets interested me. So I try to read and follow seminars of JKD now and try to incoperate all these things that I have learned over all the years and see what works and what not.
Thanks again guys.
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