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Exercises Movements, technique & proper execution

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Old 01-06-2011, 10:36 PM   #11
Jeffrey Liu
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Re: Racking Weight on your clavicle

Originally Posted by Katherine Derbyshire View Post
Pfft. You haven't seen me lift... I'm just repeating what my coaches tell me.

And now you know what your coaches tell you. Therefore you know what you're talking about. See how I turned that around?

Aidan: Sounds like you need to increase speed elbow speed. You can practice this by doing hang cleans from a high starting position on the thigh. Then just explode up (minimize dipping before pull), rotate under the bar and THRUST your elbows forward to rack out. Essentially training the "third pull."

There was a video I found a couple weeks ago detailing this but I can't seem to find it anymore. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?

EDIT: Didn't see your latest response. Bruising is fairly common. I bruise across my deltoids where I rack out as well.

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Old 01-06-2011, 11:16 PM   #12
Aidan Macdonald
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Re: Racking Weight on your clavicle

Originally Posted by Shane Skowron View Post
Hate to say it, but bruising isn't all that unusual.

Here's Lu Xiaojun when he set the world records in the 77kg class last year. Look at the huge brown welts across his shoulders. You can see them pretty well starting at 7:33. (wfs)
Dang it! I have to live with them
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Old 01-06-2011, 11:21 PM   #13
Katherine Derbyshire
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Re: Racking Weight on your clavicle

At 4:15 of the video Shane posted, there's a good closeup of a world class front rack position. Note the clearly visible air space under the bar. In this position, the deltoids are *higher* than the clavicles. (It doesn't hurt that he has massive deltoids, either...)

Without video, I don't know where the bar is landing on you. But Shane's video shows where it *should* be.

(And for the OP, the same image also shows what the wrists should be doing. Note that only the fingers are touching the bar, not the palms.)


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Old 01-07-2011, 03:46 PM   #14
Geoff Archibald
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Re: Racking Weight on your clavicle

When I started crossfit the bar would hit my clavicle but now that my shoulders are a little bigger that's where the bar sits. I am now described as less scrawny than when I started.
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