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Starting For newcomers to the CrossFit methodology

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Ryan Baker
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Loooong time lurker.

So it looks like I signed up for this site back in 2008, but never posted anything. I've checked in from time to time and done many of the WODs from the mainpage, but again I just never posted. I feel like a tool only posting this stuff now as I feel from reading some of ya'lls post that I already know you, but you gotta start somewhere right? So here we go…

I’m not a former athlete, or anything interesting. My main sport in college was chasing girls, followed closely by drinking beer. I’ve been in law enforcement my entire career, and have been fortunate enough to do many different things. For my PT test in 2005, I tipped the scale at a whopping (for me) 226 lbs. I'm 5'10 and 226 lbs wasn't muscle.

Ever since that day, I've been running and working out and my weight has fluctuated, but it has been about the same for awhile now. I currently do WOD’s 3 days a week, and run 3 days a week. About two weeks ago I started varying up my runs as well. Until recently it was 5 miles MWF like clockwork. I’m doing more sprints and intervals now. When I get the time I like to mountain bike. Ever since that weight check in 2005, my weight has been hovering around the 190 lb mark. I was 188 a few days ago. I also realize that my weight may go up as I start doing harder and harder workouts. I’m ok with that. I just put it in so you know where I was right now.

My biggest hurdle will be getting my diet more like my kid's. As it turns out his diet is more of an example of what mine should be instead of the other way around. My kid loves vegetables, fruits, beans, chicken, sausage, steak, and bacon. In fact, the curtain climber does not like foods that are salty and does not eat pasta.

I'm not going to make a bunch of excuses. I just haven't been eating right. Over the past month or so I've tried to cut out more of the junk I was eating such as, processed foods, sugars, fried stuff, sodas, and heaven help me sweet tea and beer. I've also been eating more fruits, vegetables, and clean sources of protein like chicken I grill instead of processed crapola. I've actually been bringing my lunch to work for awhile but after spending a few days on the site looking at nutrition. I’ve learned that it wasn't filled with all the things my body needs.

I currently workout at a globo gym under my wife’s contract. I’ve looked into the local affiliates but breaking my contract with the globo would be cost prohibitive at this point. As in it would cost me more in fees to break the contract than to just pay it out. No big deal, due to my work schedule I go to the gym real early and it is pretty deserted so no one gives me a hard time about doing a WOD. They also have lots of Crossfit type equipment, real pull up bar, all the free weights, kettle bells, box jumps, and a basketball court I use for wallballs. So for now it works.

My fitness goals are (in no particular order):
- Get healthier (with my diet and with my workouts)
- Get stronger
- Run a marathon
- Run an offroad duathalon (half trail run and half mtn bike)
- Get rid of my gut
- Cut down my body fat %

My other workout related goals are:
- Be an example for my kid
- Have more energy (this has actually picked up the last few weeks)
- Hit triple digits in age
- Learn a form of MMA. (I’m currently looking into these now as an option for me and my kid.)

My known hurdles:
- My diet SUCKS. But I admit that and I’m working on it.
- Globo gym means I am doing it on my own for now.
- I work at least 10 hour days five days a week. My job is mostly desk work now which is pretty BORING and obviously not very active.
- I also have to travel for work now, and not where I can pack my meals and take it with me. So eating right when I am on the road is something I will need to learn to do. I will definitely need some help on this one.
- I love beer.

That's me. Now I'm going back to the "Things heard at the office thread" because it cracks me up.
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Rebecca Roth
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Re: Loooong time lurker.

Well, Welcome to the other side.. and for a well written intro post!
The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will. - Vince Lombardi
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