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Re: Regional Rankings (World) - First two weekends

Originally Posted by Charles Applin View Post
Somethings that can make it more interesting:

1. Add a page with the Open results, but rescored as if only the Regional athletes competed.

2. Add a column that shows the region of the athlete

3. Add a column for the actual result of the workout.

Does anyone else wonder why the games website didn't do this already?
1. I may get around to that.. we will see... however i believe the open results are alittle off.. for instance (without naming names).. i remember seeing 1 guy who placed in the top 50 in the world yet didn't make it through the cut in regionals..I know that there are other cases of this too... This just shows that some affiliates were very generous in their judging

2. It has been added
3. It has also been added

Lastly, do we even need to ask why the games site doesnt do this? haha the site is still messing up.. i doubt something like this is high up on their list of to-do's.

Thanks for the feeback. Hmm.. interesting stuff Gabe. Nice sheet.
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