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Re: CrossFit Bashing

Originally Posted by Mike Hopper View Post
And CrossFit doesn't do much to dispell these allegations. Like many other fitness certifications, the CrossFit Level 1 training is a joke. But that's all that CrossFit requires for a coach to open a gym. A weekend course.
Thanks tips, for repeating something that has been brought up ad nauseam here and on other forums. Perhaps suggesting a solution to the perceived problem would be more productive? But really so what? All ANYONE requires to open ANY sort of gym/fitness club/health centre/studio etc. is sufficient capital. Backgrounds/Education/Experience/Training in any fitness discipline is not required. At least CF makes it a requirement to have a little bit of training and conformation of knowledge before they will let you use their name. But then again there is nothing stopping a person from doing the cert/failing the written test but opening up a gym/box/studio anyways so long as they avoid copyright and IP issues. So really the issue is kind of a moot point.
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