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I strongly believe that grain may have its place, especially if the last several centuries of ancestors were grain farmers(i.e. MINE)

For instance, if my carbs are fruits and/or veggies, I start getting hungry at least an hour after I eat, I am always about to fall asleep, poor concentration, no strength, etc. However, If I have oatmeal as the main source, It is completely the other way around. In fact, I have so much energy that Im fidgety and there is NO crash whatsoever. In fact, I feel I could go on for many hours(like an entire afternoon into an evening) after a meal with some sort of an unrefined starch.

this is another shining example of what works for one may not for another. I tried strict paleo for a while with a good selection of paleo foods. Results:

1. irritability
2. fat gain
3. poor performance and recoveries
4. poor concentration
5. lethargy.
6. Farting(a lot)

Im not against paleo eating, because I do believe these results are strictly genetic. I still eat one or two strict paleo meals a day and get the same results after each one. I just do it for the antioxidants.


"All fruit, no grain makes Roy a dull boy."
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