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i have experienced the same exact things you are regarding the extreme hunger when i first started crossfit and going paleo. i mean, it was ridiculous. i was ALWAYS starving, no matter how much i ate, and was doing paleo to the letter, and getting the exact amount of carbs, protein, and fat spaced over 6 meals a day. my solution? well, i am no longer paleo (but this is more due to lifestyle and scheduling issues with school and work rather than by choice). i simply added in more carbs and it seems to be working. i've added a little bit if body fat as a result, but i feel a whole lot better, not as hungry all the time, etc. i don't know about you, but i have the kind of metabolism where i can literally eat anything and won't really gain any weight, so this seems to work for me. i've added things to my diet that were previously "forbidden" like the occasional slice of pizza, some ice cream etc. i'm not saying it will work for everyone, but it has for me so far. i guess i'm just blessed/cursed with a ridiculous metabolism, and to be completely honest feel like i need the extra carbs to hold me over to the next meal. good luck, and like robb has said numerous times in the past, it's all about tinkering and seeing what works best for you. i've been here for two years now and am still learning new things about diet and how they affect me!

have fun!

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