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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Tuesday morning and feeling really today. Both of us slept really well and both of us were in a good mood. Looking forward to today as the gym buddy is back with us today .

So the wife had her own area right next to our gym buddy and me with her own set of blocks.

Plan - Snatch

Warm up
an easy 50 cal on the rower

Extensive warm up for the snatch, all in all 35min.

Today was in 3 stages with focus on speed under the bar and popping those hips. The high boxes put the bar just below the hips.

Stage 1 - Snatch from high blocks 2 levels around 27".
With the blocks so high it did not leave much room for speed so you had to create it very fast to get under the bar. Keeping the weight low from the start 40kgs/88lbs we kept repeating the lifts over and over again in sets of 2. Once we were in the flow and the lifts were really smooth we raised the weight to 50kgs/110lbs and repeat the sets of 2 again. Filmed a couple of lifts for each of us.

You really have to pull on the bar, move out of the way of the bar and then pull yourself in under it again. You can tell if the bar is not moving vertical as your balance will be off when you catch it at the bottom.

This was a first for the wife using the blocks and over time she got the hang of things. She took the weight to 15kgs/33lbs. She was really solid all the way through.

Stage 2 - Snatch from blocks 1 level around 8".
Started with 50kgs and then moved to 55 and then 60kgs/132lbs. We started with sets of 2 but then went over to singles. During this time we also took the time to film each other so we have record but also able to see the progression.

Wife took it to 20kgs and she grew more and more confident. We both watched her and the lifts were solid. Had to make a small adjustment in her starting position as her bumb was a little low so when she started her first pull her bumb lifted 2" first. So in her set up she moved her bumb up that distance, she felt more compact and a little more in front of the bar with her shoulders... bingo... amazing lifts, so clean. She was on a high now:

Stage 3 - full snatch from the floor
So now we start to hit singles and boy we could see and feel how smooth everything was. We were all catching the bar really well at the botton of the hole. We did maybe 6-8 lifts each at 60kgs and they only got better and better.

The plan now was to increase the weight at a pre-determined interval but neither of us could move on until both of us make the lift.

62kgs/136lbs - we both did this nice and easy
65kgs/143lbs - gym buddy missed this first and then me. 97% good lift just wrong when we received it in the hole. No saving a bad lift. 2 solid lifts after the misses
68kgs/150lbs - I went first and made it and it felt so easy. Gym buddy missed it and got it second time round with a solid lift.
72kgs/158.4lbs - We both missed this by the smallest margin. Then we both pulled it off with 2 really solid lifts.

The wife was a getting tired and took the weight down to 15kgs again, started to feel good again and then took it to 17 and the 19kgs. She really underestimates herself as her lifts are really really good. She can see this on the films we took. She even said that 19kgs/42lbs was getting lighter and lighter as she felt more confident again.

Cool Down
Clean up, chat and a short stretch for 15min

A really good day today
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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