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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

At last it's Friday

Woke up a little early this morning but feeling quite good. Feeling the aftermath of yesterdays workout, the whole of our upper backs are sore today which means yesterdays workout was a good one.

Warm up
No real warm up, some light PVC pipe work a light stretch while we were chatting with our gym buddy. At the same time we set things up.

Partner workout

Together complete the following:
200 cal Row (set to zero)
200 cal Ski Erg (set to 75 drag factor)

Both machines running at the same time and we could swap over whenever we wanted. The row was treated as rest more or less.

The row was completed in 18.15 and the Ski erg 20.20.

Now there is a reason why the ski erg took so long..... i broke 2 of them, yes 2 of them. The first one broke when the rope came off in the machine at 130 cals so i had to move to the machine next to it..... took 30 seconds to get that started and set the drag.... gave the 2nd machine some **** to make up for lost time.... after biting off 20 cals the rope snapped off... take 2 steps again to the ski erg next to that (set it up quickly) and started to bite off those cals before the wife took over for the final stretch.

To finish things off.
Partner workout for time, together In total complete 20 rounds of:

25/50 Du/Su's (all sets unbroken)
10 sit ups

Time: 12.32

Wife started on the sit ups and i started on the Du's, rotate once we were done...

Cool Down
stretch and chat for 25min

A great end to a great week, back Monday
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.

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