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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Tuesday morning and things are a little different today. The wife it seems may be suffering from Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) again but we are not 100% sure at the moment. I am going to have to check this again tonight and maybe fix it again for her as i did a couple of years back.

So today the plan was to snatch together plus another friend at the gym was going to join us but today i only have a new training partner as the wife will be doing her own thing.

Right from the start the wife did her thing and i i know is that she was working on stabilization exercises for her hips and knees...

Warm up

Just a couple of minutes on the rower

from there i continued to warm up for a day of snatch so i did alot of different things. all in all 40min i would say.

Snatch, 1 ,1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1 (7 lifts)

So the plan for us both today was to warm up as far as we liked, do as many snatches and anything else before we decide it is game on. Then all you have if 7 single lifts. Time to put your competition head on.

We both took the weight to 60kgs/132lbs during the warm and hit multiple solid lifts.

We would alternate between lifts on our own podiums giving us time to rest and motivate each other when it was time.

GYM Buddy - 65kgs, 70f, 70f, 70, 72f, 72f 72kgs/158lbs

So he started out solid and almost had the first 2 failures, put his game head back on and hit reasonable 70kgs. First 72kgs was almost there, slightly off balance, second try was not good at all. Gym buddy was a little ****ed now.. So i told him he has this, make sure your routine is exactly the same as it always is and get angry/focused... bingo, this was by far his best lift, so solid.

Myself - 63kgs, 68, 71f, 71f, 71, 74, 76kgs/167lbs New PB

So i started off solid no problems at all. I then had 2 failures at 71kgs and they were so close but i know the reason why to! my left arm was not fully locked so i dumped the weight as i am not taking any risks. Third attempt, game head on and really focus on the lift and this time made sure my elbows were in the correct position, good lift.

So now i am down to the final 2 lifts. last week i hit 73kgs so now i decided to go for 74 which is 1 kg under my PB. This time i was really focused and my gym buddy could tell, i didn't hear or see anything else, position lift, bang... solid lift.

So what do i do now? what do i go for? do i take a risk?
2 years ago i hit my last PB at 75kgs so today i decided to go for 76kgs/167lbs. Focus, in the zone, lift!!!......... smashed it, great lift new PB by 2lbs. At last!!!

So once we were done with the above we both tried 1 extra lift that did not count in the results for today. Gym buddy just missed 74kgs and i actually overshot 78kgs and for the first time ever the bar went behind my head behind me. This must have been due to me not pulling corrcectly as my elbows can't have been in the correct starting position but it was a bloody good try.

And that was that for today...

short cool down with a light stretch and chatting about what could have been.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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