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Originally Posted by David Allen Rogers View Post
Staying at the same weight never works for me. I'd personally either drop the weight a bit so I could get the recommended 10 reps or I'd just suck it up and keep adding weight as prescribed until I hit a reset. It depends on how you feel about the lift and if you think you might be able to get a good progression going before hitting the reset versus putting yourself in a hole early on. How did those 7 reps feel? You are new enough to this that you might be able to push through without a problem. In any case, you are just starting out so whatever you do now won't have much long term bearing so don't over think it.
Good advice - thank you!

Today's workout:


135 x 5,5,13


220 x 10

All good. I'm going to increase the weight on press. I'm going to do the powerlifting template so I'm cool with a weight I can only get 7 on for now.

Thanks all

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