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Re: RE-check Squat and check Strict press and deadliest

Originally Posted by Robert Fabsik View Post
I though the squat looked fine. I wonder if you could get your elbows down just a touch more if your really want a criticism. But, they are probably fine.

Press--looked good too. Just make sure you don't hyper extend the low back when the weight gets tough.

I really can't see anything that sticks out on the deadlift either.

Maybe a front or back angle of the lifts can show if there are any other issues. Overall, look reasonable.
Robert Thanks again for your input. I can't decide where I like my elbows more up and back or down. I've heard both and I haven't felt a huge difference. Aside from getting more of a shelf when they are back.

My press felt the worst of these three. I am really trying to squeeze my glutes tight, I could probably do a better job of that still to help with the lower back.

Thanks again

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