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RE-check Squat and check Strict press and deadliest

Today I'm posting three form checks.

1. Squat @ 185LBs
I posted another one yesterday with the instructions of less steps out of the rack, get a tighter core, and strap on them oly shoes. So here is my attempt at those corrections.

Back Squat 185LB. (WFS)

2. Strict Press@ 115LB
It has been a while since I've done press. my previous 1RM was 165LB so I thought this would be just fine but I tweaked my neck on it.
Here is my thread in the injury forum about that (WFS)

Here is a video of me pressing (WFS)

3. Deadlift @ 185LB

Here is the video of me deadlifting.(WFS)

Look forward to your experienced opinions.
Thanks for helping me become better!

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