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Re: learning the squat clean- please help

Maybe I am not seeing it in the video, but it seems like you don't have much of a shrug. Watch/re-watch some of the demo videos (such as Sage [wfs]) on this site in slow motion (with Quicktime you can use the keyboard arrow keys when the video is paused to move frame by frame) to see how much shrug there should be. Also, it seems as if you are not exploding through the hips on the second pull. When I was learning, I broke the movement into pieces and practiced those slowly with light weight:
1. Deadlift up to slight dip
2. "The scoop" - bringing the hips forward, preparing for the drive and shrug
3. Drive/shrug/squat/catch (a hang squat clean)

I also found practicing with the medicine ball very helpful to get the shrug and arm pivot down.

Hope that helps
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