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Had my "Counseling" session at the Urologist. This basically entailed watching a super cheezy 70's film about the procedure. Funny thing is that the glasses that the wife wore in the film are now back in style :rm_shifty: ( I still dont understand that one). They really go out of their way to scare the crap out of you prior to getting the procedure. I guess its truly one of those things that has the potential to really change your life. In fact, California actually has a law that MANDATES a 72 hour waiting period between the counseling session and the procedure. Id like to know what meathead wasted my tax dollars authoring THAT bill. But I digress. My big day is next Thursday and I will have a couple of HD-DVD movies, xbox 360 and a six pack or 3 of Dead Guy Ale to get me through the weekend. Then my rings, some newly built paralletes, and my pullup bar should get me through the rest of the recovery. I think that I will plan on having my new pendlay bar and bumper set arrive at my doorstep 2 weeks from the procedure. That should get me back into the swing of things!

Thanks for all of the support!!

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