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Re: Wrist Pain

I was gonna say wrist strain. This will happens with cleans and it sucks big time when it does.

Did this right before September last year.

Depending on the category of wrist pain will vary on how long it takes.

What worked well for me was voodoo band therapy for about 3 weeks. I also focused on movement and ROM.

I risked it and was back to doing cleans in about a week but I never ended to cleaning anywhere near my max. I can remember doing cleans up to about 50-60% and doing pulls after that.

So front squats and cleans came back fast. I tried early on to do front squats with straps and didn't like it much with them heavy.

It definitely took awhile to go heavy overhead though. I can remember it being very ginger to snatch or press anything but the bar.

Full Snatches and Drop Snatches seems to aggravate it more than pressing snatch balances so I pretty much ended up staying away from those. Same thing with Jerks or Push Press. It just hurt too much to keep it in support with the wrist flexed.

I did work on DB press as that keeps the wrist more neutral but it was fairly light. Up to 40lbs for awhile.

Jerk/Snatch recoveries were something I found I could work on limited. I was always trying to work around right around that point but would stay away from sharp pain. My buddy, the owner told me to be careful and pretty much just squat and pull but I think the moving and ROM really helped. Especially the voodoo band therapy with lots of wrist flexion stretches and DB circles.

I ended up adding in bear walks and crab walks in my warmup when I could after a month or two. At first I would just stretch them by flexing the wrist while standing over a box, then doing it on the floor with my palms on some rolled up mats or turf for padding.

I still had to wear wraps till about February. Occasionally they will get a bit irritated on heavy BS, jerks/push presses and if I haven't snatched in a few days or a week ( so I will start by doing some voodoo band wrapping in my warmup ).

Good luck. It sucks. I did something similar back in 03 playing volleyball and pretty much stopped tumbling and gymnastics for a LONG time (6 months) because I didn't really do anything or know to do anything but stay off them. Occasionally I would try to do pushup position and I can remember the kids in my classes laughing or being concerned that I could barely support myself. Pretty sucky.
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