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Re: MindBody or Zenplanner??

I have been using MindBody for about 6 months. The customer service is great and you get 3-4 one on one phone conversations during your initial set-up. I feel like I am pretty good with technology, but MindBody is very frustrating. The user interface is not simple and you must use their merchant account for monthly drafts and credit card transactions. We already use Gulf Management Systems for our drafts and credit card transactions. We would have to transfer all of our members over to Mindbody....big headache. If you choose not to use their merchant account, every class you schedule you have to go in and change it to allow clients to sign up as unpaid so they can register for the class. The merchant fees for MindBody are currently higher than Gulf Management, so I am thinking we might make the switch to Zenplanner.

MindBody has great tutorial videos and webinars, but with all the other stuff box owners have to do, who has time to go back to school just to learn how to add a program or a class?

I've been using the 15 day trial for Zenplanner for a few days and it is SOOOOOOO much easier to navigate, set up classes and they are linked with Gulf Management.

I have talked to a lot of people that do love's just not a good fit for us.

I would go with Zenplanner and Gulf Management Systems for yoru merchant account and credit card processing. Good Luck.
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