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Re: Pretty glad I didn't sign up for the Open

Ron, I do agree with you.
However, you said you couldn't do more than 1 at a time. This means, to me at least, you can do 1. So, surely you can do this.

In some respects, I like this aspect too. It forces people to actually try to to a DU. They can just do lame singles for the rest of their lives lamenting at the fact that they "can't do DUs" or they can knuckle down and try.
Over come adversity and really try for 10 minutes to get as many DUs as they can. If they get a score of 5. Then it may be 5 more than they thought they could do, and, 5 more than anyone else who ran from the box crying as soon as the wod was posted.
I guarentee you there will be stories of people getting their first DU in 14.1 Even if it took 9 mins to do so. Such perseverance is what it is about. Other stories in years past ... Snatch PRs, First DU, First MU, First C2B pull-up, First T2B etc.

For your CF future, whenever DUs are programmed. I'd seriously suggest doing the first 25% as DUs or at least DUs attempts, even if it is 1 at a time, rather than just falling into the 3:1 single trap. That does nothing but eat up the clock.

Even when you "have" DUs. they can be fleeting. You may have been able to do DUs, everything was working well. You can do 50 of them no problem. Then 14.1 starts ... 3..2...1.. go. And Trip. Trip. Trip. Trip. 1..Trip... Trip... seriously, that is how it goes sometimes. It may not be first round, it could be 2nd and 3rd (which is how it went for me. 1st round np. 2nd/3rd round terrible. Rest fine). But i didn't donate $20 either.
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