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Re: Top 10 Ways to Avoid Giving a Client Rhabdo

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
I did a writeup a while back on this which may be useful to some

Thanks man, that was useful, especially the part about "Cindy" and "Michael".

After getting my CF Level 1 back in 2008 I have so far only seen one case, and that was this week.

Tue: 10-min "Cindy" (indoors with A/C) for people new to Law Enforcement, little prior physical training, one severely overweight person in the class, some kids straight out of college with no intense training (physical or mental) experience, rest a bunch of former Marines. Un-CF-certified (pretty sure, not confirmed yet) LEO defensive tactics instructor says do as many rounds as you can, don't stop completely but drink water if you need to, put your feet on the wall and push yourself up to the bar if you can't do regular pullups. Turns on music and yells "Go!"

Highly motivated 23-year-old college softball player that hadn't done much serious training since 2009 (gym membership, running), was strong enough to do 2 sets of 5 pullups, then did another 8-ish (?) rounds with feet on wall, didn't stop because she didn't want the class to get in trouble. Was hydrated. Very sore arms that day, trouble holding a gun on the firing range. Only forearms were sore all week, but no problems with other physical drills (basic fighting). Finally went to health unit on Friday, now on 2nd day in hospital with CPK down from high of 80 000.

I'm a student in her (soon to be former) class and admittedly should have caught it and said something, but thought it'd be ok since it wasn't negatives/fully eccentric, workout was cut in half, hydration was encouraged - and not out in the heat.

  1. No ramp-up period before Cindy.
  2. Music + intensity + people who have never been yelled at
  3. Formerly very athletic person who's still strong but hasn't gone hard for 2.5 years
  4. Feet on wall for pullups = assisted, allowed her to keep going after she should have been forced to stop
  5. Lack of information to students about having to do pullups in training.
  6. An environment where students are told the instructor is always right, do what they say, never stop, never quit, keep up with the class or everyone suffers or you lose your job or can't go on.

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